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Private Music Production Classes

Private Music Production Classes

Music Production Classes with Award Winning Artists

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Private Music Production Classes’ classes are available in Montreal and Toronto. Our teachers are all full time artists who have been successful in their industry and are now making themselves available to share their knowledge with beginner musicians to advanced musicians: Learn from a music production professional, hire one for your next performance or collaborate with one on your own musical projects!

The beginning stages of learning music production can be the most difficult. Our teachers are experts in DAW (Digital Audio Workstations), midi keyboards, beat creation, Adobe audition, Logic, Ableton, and garage band. Music production lessons ca also be designed custom to you if your interests include working on vocals or developing your sound production skills from the viewpoint of a self producer and mixers. All genres of music are available to work on, we will help you to select the best teacher depending on whether you are interested in RNB (Rhythm And Blues), Pop/Mainstream, melodic Hip-Hop, or other niches of music.

Private music production classes can be crafted to focus on whatever aspect of music the student wants, including learning new instruments and of course learning new DAW softwares.

Music Production Classes
Online & In Person

When we teach music production, we create a space for you to develop your sound. Your coach will provide you with the resources to work on your own music as a hobbyist or prepare for a professional career. We want you to be able to feel like you can call us when you need extra help or feedback on your songs which is why Express Voice Studio holds an open door policy: Come for a class in singing, song writing, music production etc. whenever you feel you want one! Get more coaching when you need it and self direct your learning when that feels best.

Advanced Music Production Classes

Learn from the best! As well as providing music production classes for beginners, our artists also collaborate with established musicians to create Juno nominated beats – no more youtube diving for your next track. Our team is made of award-winning artists who have been crafting hits in the music industry for over 10 years. We have the expertise to help you become the next top artist in Canada, or take your skills to a whole new level! Music production and song writing can be difficult without proper instruction. Take private classes with one of our award-winning teachers and work with them on building your professional portfolio to promote yourself as an artist using our professional equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.

Mixing and Mastering Lessons

Are you passionate about refining your music production skills and creating music that sets you apart in today’s competitive industry? Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a music producer, or a sound engineer, we’re here to guide you on your journey to audio mastery.

Craft Your Unique Sound: With our expert guidance, you won’t just delve into the intricacies of mixing and mastering – you’ll unlock the power to craft your unique sound. Our comprehensive lessons equip you with the knowledge and techniques to produce music that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Music Composition & Beat Making Lessons

Our seasoned professionals provide you with the knowledge to understand music at its core.
You’ll unlock the secrets of songwriting and gain the skills to craft your unique music. With us, you’ll gain the confidence and competence to create music that captivates.

Composition and beat making lessons are tailored to the student. You may work on music theory, DAWS, or more intuitive song writing practices. 

Music Production Lessons Toronto

music production teacher in Toronto

Denise De'Ion

Work With Producer Denise de'ion

All Ages Welcome


65 CAD / 60 min
90 CAD / 1.5 Hours 120 / 2 Hours

Embark on a journey into music production with our specialized lessons in Toronto. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned artist, our expert instructors are ready to lead you towards becoming a proficient music producer.

Unleash your creative potential in Toronto, a hub for diverse musical experiences.

Denise offers music production lessons, beat making lessons, guidance on song writing and comprehensive lessons working with DAWS.

Persistent, playful and passionate, Denise De’ion is a Juno Award Winning Producer/Artist/Songwriter. Most recently, she produced on Haviah Mighty’s Juno winning album Stock Exchange. If you had to put a traditional label on her music you may call it an R&B, pop, Caribbean, hip hop medley but in actuality it’s a vibe all on its own. A very colorful person to the core, this is reflected in both Denise’s wardrobe and personality. Some of her accomplishments include the Bacardi Music Liberates Music Campaign in 2021. Selected along with two other females, Denise was granted the opportunity to work with and be mentored by Boi 1da and release the NFT single “Juice” available on streaming platforms.

Her music has also been placed in commercials for Bulleit Whiskey and heard on shows like Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia and Kim’s Convenience.

Music Production Lessons Montreal

Beatox coach for beatboxing



Ages 12+


85 CAD / 30 min
145 CAD / 1 hour

Discover the art of music production with our specialized lessons in Montreal. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a seasoned artist, our expert instructors are here to guide your journey to becoming a proficient music producer. Unlock your creative potential in a city known for its rich musical heritage.

Our comprehensive lessons provide the skills to turn your musical vision into reality and make your mark in Montreal’s vibrant music scene.

With Beatox, you can expect how to learn to record your first song.  From idea to finish product that you can share to all streaming services.  
Learn Ableton to create beats, songs, and work with other artists remotely or in-person.  Lessons for music production are available online or in person in St Henri, Montreal.

In the realm of music, where innovation and creativity converge, Beatox stands as a groundbreaking artist, producer, and beatboxing virtuoso. With a unique blend of rhythmic vocal percussion, electronic wizardry, and cross-genre collaboration, Beatox has redefined the boundaries of sonic exploration, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Born Adam Fainman, Beatox embarked on his musical journey at a young age, fueled by an unwavering passion for beatboxing. What began as an intriguing hobby soon evolved into a lifelong pursuit of pushing the envelope of what was possible with the human voice. His dedication to mastering the art of beatboxing, combined with an insatiable curiosity for music production, led him to a path of music and storytelling.

Beatox’s distinctive sound is characterized by the fusion of traditional beatboxing techniques with cutting-edge music technology. His ability to seamlessly integrate live vocal percussion with digital production tools has garnered widespread recognition, catapulting him to the forefront of the contemporary music scene.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, where he received the Globalink Research Award for his pioneering work in beatboxing integrated with contemporary music production in Europe, Beatox possesses both technical prowess and a deep understanding of the art form’s cultural significance.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Beatox’s artistic journey. He has forged creative alliances with a diverse array of artists, both within Canada and on the global stage. From folk singer-songwriter Rachel Kane to Toronto’s Joanna Majoko, from Winnipeg’s Jaywood to Montreal’s Kehlsea, and from Austria’s Freekind to Slovenia’s Wckd Nation, Beatox’s collaborations transcend borders, genres, and expectations.

One of Beatox’s most groundbreaking collaborations has been with Vochlea Music, a cutting-edge music technology company based in the United Kingdom. As one of Vochlea’s key ambassadors, Beatox played a pivotal role in the company’s early days, harnessing their Dubler technology to create captivating music that blurs the lines between human and machine.

Beyond the stage and studio, Beatox is a passionate educator and advocate for the democratization of music production. His role as an audio technology instructor at Red River College reflected his commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians and producers. He has conducted countless beatboxing workshops in elementary schools, fostering creative empowerment and accessibility to music.

Beatox’s artistic journey has taken him across the globe, with performances in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and numerous other international destinations.  In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Beatox remains a trailblazer, a sonic explorer, and a relentless advocate for the power of creativity. His journey continues to inspire, captivate, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music. Beatox is not just an artist; he is an innovator, a collaborator, and a visionary who invites us all to join him on a rhythmic odyssey like no other.

Montreal music production lessons

Self Producer nicholas cangiano

Indie Music Production


Ages 16+

100 CAD / 60 min
155 CAD / 1.5 Hours

In this class we will look at how to use Pro Tools or Pro Tools First software to record and layer vocals and instruments, make beats, edit and mix arrangements, experiment with production techniques and effects, and apply songwriting skills in a digital medium. I will use my 9 years of self taught music production experience to help you not only understand practically how to record music, but how through experimenting with layering, effects, and other production tricks and strategies, we can open up all kinds of possibilities in the music making process and bring your musicianship to another level. This course is open to beginner and intermediate skill levels from beginners who want to start working with recording software for the first time to individuals comfortable with the practical aspects of working with recording software but want to go deeper in opening up the potential of their arrangements and making their productions sound more professional. This course will touch on technical production principles and techniques but is more so focused on the creative aspect of music production; opening individuals to their potential and finding their voice and/or sound through production.

Nicholas Cangiano is a Montreal based multi instrumentalist who’s soulful and eclectic sound merged with his imaginative, imagery soaked lyrics quickly pulls you into his colourful world and creates a window into his life as a self made musician. Where anything goes, where the peculiar is encouraged, and where you’re enticed to let down your walls and come as you are. Cangiano uses his savvy for several instruments; most notably guitar, bass, and keys to blend influences of classic funk and soul with modern pop and rock together into fresh, infectious productions that will have you coming back for more. His sound has been compared to the likes of Tom Misch, Chet Faker, Jungle, and Daniel Caesar to name a few.

Born and raised in North Bay, ON, Nicholas moved to Montreal, QC when he was 18 to immerse himself in a growing music scene and develop his sound. Having played music since he could walk he learned to record music when he was 15 and from there started on a path of experimentation, honing in on a unique self made sound from which several collections of music emerged over the years. When he made the move to Montreal he began performing in the streets as a one man act, live looping several instruments he had picked up over the years including guitar, bass, keys, and percussion, paying his bills with the tips he would make day to day. From playing in the metros and side streets his first year in the city, to playing for thousands a day in the squares and cobblestone streets of Old Montreal a year later, he continued developing his looping style as well as his self recording technique in his bedroom studio nestled above the streets of the Old Port. 

In 2019 Nicholas independently released his first EP entitled ‘Off The Wall’, quickly followed by another EP and a full length LP in 2020 entitled ‘Lonely Paradise’ and ‘Makeshift Vacation’. These projects garnered him a small committed following through fans that he had caught in their tracks on the streets and won over with his unique productions. Cangiano’s prolific songwriting over his time in Montreal culminated in another independently released LP entitled ‘That Thing You Need’ in 2021, and most recently the colourful ‘New Occasion’ EP released in October of 2022. With distribution and marketing support from the team at emerging Montreal label ‘Favourite Library’, ‘New Occasion’ has already been picked up by Canadian radio and press, as well as prominent playlists (notably Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds Indie”). With lots of new music in the works and a strong momentum building, the coming years are set to be big for this young emerging artist.

Private Music Production Courses in Montreal with clouse Hevy at Makeway Studio

R&B Songwriting Classes

In these music lessons, you’ll uncover valuable insights into the art of songwriting and music creation. Learn the tricks and tips to craft irresistibly catchy choruses, create verses that seamlessly fit your song’s theme, and master the art of storytelling and freestyling, allowing you to spin captivating narratives on the fly. Dive into the rhythmic intricacies of singing in pockets for enhanced vocal performance and discover the philosophies and principles that guide the creative process of songwriting, providing you with fresh perspectives to fuel your musical creativity.

Clouse Hevy

Release Your Song Workshop


Ages 16+

80 CAD / 60 min
260 for 4 Classes

This is a full package opportunity to write a song, record it, mix and master. You will leave with your first single packaged; Of course you can always go in and modify and build out the song more, but this is your chance to lay something down and go through the entire process of song creation where the lyrics, beats, melody, and post production are all you. 

-Includes technical production tips catered to clients music style

-Creating a full song from scratch (Beat & Vocal recording) 

-Session ends with objective Song/Songwriting feedback

This Private Workshop will be just you and Clouse Hevy, working out of Montreal’s premiere recording studio at Makewaystudio. 

Music Production Lessons

  1. Creating a beat from scratch 

Creating a beat from scratch is a dynamic musical service that allows artists and producers to craft unique and original instrumental compositions. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned producer, this service provides a platform to bring your creative vision to life, from designing catchy melodies to crafting intricate rhythms.

     2. Music Theory

Beginner/intermediate music theory lessons through the framework of producing music. For those looking to enhance their understanding of music theory, Clouse offers valuable insights on how to quickly start creating your own beats and developing your music.  He equips learners with the foundational knowledge needed to read and compose music, understand scales, chords, and progressions, and ultimately, to express themselves more fluently in the language of music.

     3. Mic techniques and vocal recording/instrument recording

Mic techniques and vocal recording/instrument recording services cater to those aiming for pristine audio quality. It involves techniques for capturing vocals or instrument sounds effectively, from the selection of microphones and positioning to the nuances of recording environments. This service equips artists and engineers with the skills needed to bring out the best in their recordings, ensuring that their voice is being captured with the colour and quality they want. 

Having lived in New Brunswick, Montreal and Vancouver, Clouse Hevy has garnered a reputation for his indie rap/pop style productions across Canada. He has 8 years of experience in music production, a diploma in audio engineering at Recording Arts Canada, 3 released albums under his belt and a dozen + singles produced, written, and sung. Clouse has been able to amasse a small following on Spotify, YouTube and Instagram as well as features in music video festivals such as Festivals Courts d’un soir and Silver Wave Film Festival and documentary festivals such as Vox Popular Media Arts Festival, North Bay Film Festival and Sou St-Marie festival.

Student Alumni


Alex Nicol

Jordanne was exceptional - I can't recommend her work enough to anyone seeking to improve their vocal technique and/or strength. She takes a full-body approach to singing, based on her training in Alexander Technique, which in my case meant connecting my posture to tension across my whole body. With Jordanne's guidance I was able to go from singing with tension and strain to singing with fluidity and support, all within a very short period of time. The newfound confidence I have in my voice is life-changing!
Recording Artist
Voice coach Robert Popolii


Robert is the best voice teacher I've ever had. In addition to having an amazing voice and range (helpful when I need to hear the notes back) he's incredibly supportive and fun to work with. I've improved my voice drastically and he really helped me through learning to belt and riff! Thank you Robert!!
North York voice teachers Tylor van Riper


I absolutely LOVE Tylor. I started singing last May and I was super nervous about it. Singing is extremely personal and vulnerable, and for me it’s been so hard to feel comfortable enough to go to lessons because of how insecure I am about my voice. Once I summoned the courage to finally take lessons, I have to say that Tylor really went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable and safe.
singing lessons testimonials

Laurena Mayifuila Mayowele

Jordanne is great teacher! For the first time I contact her, I am very pleased. She took the time to truly understand what I needed. And, the first time I met her she made me feel so comfortable that I felt at ease to express myself. She made me do some exercise to see what my blocage was. Then gave me a routine, which is exactly what I needed. It have been only 3 courses but I can experience the change and improvement. And not only in singing and piano. I wasn’t aware of all the tension I use to have in my body. Now that I am conscious of that, I am able to relax my body and feel a deep connection.
singing lessons testimonials

Samantha Timmons

I did my first lesson with Jordie last week. She is very patient and has a lot of knowledge on vocal training. She made me see things from a different light in just one session! Her knowledge is impeccable. I’m looking forward to working on my voice with her! I already feel improvement in just a week. Truly recommend her.
singing lessons testimonials

Julian Basurto

Throughly enjoyed my lessons with Express and Ian! Would definitely recommend. I looked for a long time for a singing teacher that I could have fun with, connect with, and grow my voice. Ian was definitely that teacher for me. The concerts were great too to be a part of.
Thank you guys!


To become a successful music producer, you should develop skills in areas such as audio
engineering, music theory, sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and proficiency with
Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

You can learn music production through various means, including online courses, tutorials,
workshops, self-study, and working with experienced producers. Many resources, both free and
paid, are available online.

There’s a wide range of music production software available, including popular DAWs like
Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and others. The choice of software often depends
on your specific needs and preferences.

The cost of online music production classes varies. Some platforms offer free courses, while
others charge anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars per course. The price often
depends on factors like the course’s duration, content, and the reputation of the institution
providing it.

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