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A Training Ground for Vocal Arts.

Private Lessons With Artists Who Teach.


We Coach Superstars. Keeping Their Voice Strong And Sounding Their Best

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Elevate Your Craft. Every Great Artist Has a Solid Team Behind Them.

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Let’s work on your Performance in whatever capacity you need.

Express Voice Studio is music school and voice school in Canada dedicated to elevating the skills of singers and actors through personalized lessons , collaborations, and access to Canada’s talented artists. 

Our Artists Who Teach are unique artists each with their own areas of expertise.

They know what it takes to be a successful singer, actor, voiceover artist, music producer, stylist, or model and can coach you from their first hand experience.

All of our classes are offered as in person lessons available for adults and classes for kids Ages 8+. 

in all things voice:

Our classes fall under the categories of singing teachers, songwriting lessons, acting coaching, voiceover lessons, body alignment, music production lessons, and learning instruments for singers. 

These skills are essential for all artists who use their voice. Our private lessons are open to adults as well as private voice classes for kids (Ages 8+). 

Whether you are looking for a Montreal singing teacher, a songwriting teacher, or Toronto singing teacher… whatever it is, we got you.

Voice classes for all

  • Kids Singing Ages 8+
  • Adults Singing Lessons
  • Online Lessons
  • Kids Music Lessons Age 6+
  • Beginner Singers
  • Emerging Artist Coaching

Music Lessons

  • Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, Rhythm & Sight reading 
  • Learn to Sing Opera, Musical Theatre, pop, rap, r&b, jazz

Gifts For Musicians

Voice Acting Lessons

Express Voice Studio has a some of the most consistently working voiceover artists on it’s coaching roster. Your voice acting lessons are shaped to be custom for you.

Are you interested in video game work? Do you need a voiceover reel?

Let us connect you with the right voice acting coach for you.

Voice Lessons Montreal

Montreal is where our voice classes started! We aim to fill the query: Vocal classes near me, with artists in nearly every neighbourhood of Montreal. Let us hook you up with vocal lessons that get you where you want to go.

Whether that is onto the biggest stages in North America or the karaoke bar.

Adults & Kids Welcome.

Voice Lessons Toronto

Voice Training in Toronto just got fired up. We seek out the coolest, most unique and active artists in Toronto to become your vocal coach.

Whatever you need, whatever musical style you want to master- dive into our roster of vocal lessons and let’s find you the teacher you need.

Toronto music lessons for Adults and Kids.

Acting Classes

Working with an acting coach one on one can be the most powerful work an actor does in their artist development. The opportunity to take acting classes with working artists who know what the industry demands and have various approaches to character work is not to be missed out on. 

We’re here to help you find the right acting coach, whether that is commercial, stage, film, or musical theatre! Private lessons are available in person or online.

Music Production Courses Canada

Our roster of artists make Music Production Courses in Canada available nationwide online or in person in Montreal and Toronto. Our courses are comprised of one on one work between you and the artist of your choice, honing in on the DAWS and techniques you care to learn. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, our  Music Production lessons are intended to elevate your artistry and give you new tools and styles to play with based on the artist you work with!

Vocal Coach in Montreal


Singing teachers in NDG

Learning how to sing rock or sing grunge music takes a specific teacher- someone who can do it incredibly well. Improving your ability to sing with good technique in opera, pop, or musical theatre also poses challenges. Lessons in NDG with our “artists who teach” can cover literally any style of singing that interests you. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80 /hour

Singing teachers in Hochelaga

Singing Lessons Montreal now available in Hochelaga. Find a singing teacher in your neighbourhood and learn to sing quickly!

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Plateau

Looking for singing lessons in Plateau Montreal? Check out our vocal coaches offering private voice lessons in the Plateau. Beginner singers and professionals are welcome.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $90 /hour

Singing teachers in Little Italy

Start your vocal journey with singing classes Little Italy! This Montreal borough is known for its flair, and the singing professors available in Little Italy are equally as vibrant.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80+ /hour

Singing teachers in Downtown Montreal

Express Voice Studio can provide you with singing lessons downtown at a vocal coach’s studio or in  your own home! We include the Old Port in our Downtown Montreal services.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80+ /hour

Singing teachers in Lasalle

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Lasalle, Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Châteauguay

Check out our artists in Châteauguay, a close neighbour of our hubs in Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique and find singing lessons, songwriting lessons, and piano lessons. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Outremont

Singing lessons in the Outremont region of Montreal are available!
Check out our singing teachers offering private voice lessons for adults and children in Outremont. 

Prices vary

Singing teachers in Verdun

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Verdun, Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique, songwriting or piano lessons! 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Online Singing Lessons

Work with any Montreal singing teachers online! Our Online vocal classes open up working with artists to the greater Montreal area, Quebec, and the world! Singing Lessons online are given by all singing teachers in the studio.

Prices vary

Vocal Coach In Toronto