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Online singing lessons
Online singing lessons

All our teachers
offer Online singing lessons

All of the vocal coaches at Express Voice Studio offer online singing lessons as well as in person, meaning you no longer have to be in Montreal or Toronto to work with our Artists. Take singing lessons online every week, once a month, or multiple times a week: our no-contract style music lessons are designed to give you the freedom to work at your own pace.
We truly believe our singing teachers (each of them a professional singer in their field) provide the best online singing lessons. How can we make such a statement? Well, not only can you take a-la-carte singing lessons with any teacher, but founder Jordanne Erichsen has created an online singing course designed to maximize the speed at which you improve, empower you to be able to identify what your unique problems are, and prevent you from strengthening the wrong muscles- possibly making your singing more painful and causing vocal damage.

So, its up to you: Are you looking for 3 month online singing course designed specifically for you, or are you interested in taking online voice lessons a-la-carte?

Why online singing lessons?

Are you a recording artist looking to clean up your singing skills or deal with some vocal fatigue or pain?

Often a professional singer will not have the same needs as beginner singers and so the structure will differ from other online singing lessons. All the sessions in our online singing classes will be geared towards maintaining the uniqueness of your sound and artistry while correcting any issues which may cause vocal injury. Often these sessions will incorporate having you practice songs from your album to target difficult passages and evaluate them for vocal health.
While online singing courses are geared towards building a voice, a professional singer is often looking to refine and protect. Over time, our goal is to expand your vocal range, find the correct use of head voice and chest voice, and provide you with vocal training that enables you to take care of your own voice: These singing lessons are not intended to go on weekly forever.
Vocal coaching for advanced singers is about self-empowerment and awareness. Understand your voice, your vocal technique. and apply it to your own music. The best vocal training teaches you how to feel out your voice day to day and understand what you need to do to get your singing voice show ready. Then, your vocal coach becomes someone you check in with your experiment with: You don’t need to learn how to sing, you need to learn how to read your voice and be performance ready at any time.

In our opinion, online singing lessons are not worth your money if they do not involve one-on-one lessons with a singing teacher. There is too much room for error with singing lessons online composed entirely of generic pre-recorded material. Many of us at Express Voice Studio have experienced first hand how working with the wrong teacher can take your singing voice backwards: you strengthen bad habits, your throat feels fatigued, you become frustrated and risk damaging your vocal cords… even needing vocal surgery on nodes in extreme cases.
However, online singing lessons with a real vocal coach listening to you and providing personalized feedback and programming is certainly beneficial.

Some teachers are

Teaching online only

Jenn Connor

With 10 years of teaching experience already under her belt, Jenn Connor is excited to be offering voice and piano lessons online through Express Voice Studios.

Originally from Burlington, Jenn demonstrated at a young age a willingness and ability to perform, singing Hilary Duff’s “Wake Up” at the local town fair when she was 10 years old. That same year, Jenn was chosen to play the lead in her school’s senior musical production of “Cinderella.” This early onstage experience led to additional opportunities in high school and furthered her interest in pursuing a career in music.

Vocally, Jenn is classically trained, specializing in Bel Canto over the past 13 years. In addition to teaching vocals, Jenn also teaches beginner and advanced piano, both classical and pop/jazz.  Building upon her own Royal Conservatory credits, Jenn’s previous work experience includes helping students prepare for RCM examinations, auditions, and performances.  

In pursuit of her own singing career, Jenn has worked with renowned producers including Los Angeles-based Tomas Costanza (Boys Like Girls) as well as award-winning producers Douglas Romanow (Justin Bieber) and Rob Wells (Ariana Grande).  Jenn’s recent release,  “Like I Did,” a fresh, innovative sound (produced by Wells) received airplay across Canada and critical acclaim from numerous online music blogs and magazines. 

Jenn’s musical influences range from the pop stylings of Michael Jackson to the operatic roots of The Tenors, reflecting her depth of musical appreciation. Jenn credits The Tenors, Criss Angel, and Cody Simpson for their ongoing guidance and support in her musical career. 

Rates Voice Lessons

$85 /hour

$65 /45 minutes

$40 /30 minutes

Madison Clarinbold

Madison has been a singer and performer for over a decade. Educated in Musical Theatre at Randolph College For The Performing Arts, along with independent training through leading performance and singing workshops in New York and Toronto. Some of her notable theatre credits include Diane in Million Dollar Quartet, Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins (the LOT); B in Bittergirl and featured ensemble in American Idiot (Stephenville Theatre Festival) Though Madison’s specialty remains in Musical Theatre, she is also well versed in pop music. Her work spans from national commercials, to independent feature films, and performances in festivals across Canada. Madison hopes to help you connect with your voice, and grow your performance skills! 

Rates Voice Lessons

$70 /hour

$60 /45 minutes

$45 /30 minutes

Online singing lessons

90 Day
Online Course

Toronto singing lessons

Sometimes students are worried that the teacher will be unable to help them with their vocal technique as efficiently when working online. This is not the case with vocal coach Jordanne Erichsen. These online singing lessons are structured to include live, one on one coaching with Jordanne in combination with pre-recorded guided videos to practice to. Jordanne’s teaching style is comprehensive, targeting your body, your vocal cords, and your understanding of what it means to sing with your voice. This program is appropriate for beginners and advanced singers due to its personalized nature.

Live Zoom Sessions

The problem with most online singing lessons is they do not incorporate any check-ins or assessments with a vocal coach listening to you. Every singer has totally different tensions and issues to work through, which means a generic course cannot work for every participant and in some cases can even make you a worse singer.
This is why the 90 day course includes three 1 hour sessions live with Jordanne Erichsen over zoom. During each online singing lesson, Jordanne will re-evaluate and assess what exercises are needed for your voice; Based on this knowledge, she will create a series of Alexander Technique and vocal exercise videos for you to follow over the month. Your session will also include her walking you through what to focus on in each vocal exercise and what sensations you should be feeling to ensure you perform them correctly.

Video lessons

Your program will incorporate Alexander Technique video tutorials designed to re-coordinate your body’s habitual way of making sound: Think exchanging jaw tension for a stronger connection with your back. This is what we use Alexander Technique for. It is unfortunately not enough to simply tell your body: “don’t tighten my throat.” Because your body has a habitual understanding of how to make sound, any demand for it not to do what it knows how to do results in more tension. The only way to undo tension and develop a new coordination at the same time is through Alexander Technique.
Video tutorials will also include personalized vocal exercises based on Jordanne Erichsen’s studies with top New York City Vocal Coach Dr. Michael Warren.

These advanced techniques take you beyond making repetitive sound which builds on your tensions and actually connects you to your core sound. This is how we build power in your voice, unlock more of your vocal range, and maintain healthy vocal cords.

Deliverables of Vocal Lessons
Through Online Learning


$600 /1 Time Fee


$225 /3 Monthly payments

As your voice teacher, Jordanne creates a program using more advanced techniques than any other online singing lessons. By the end of the 3 months, her goal is more than for you to simply learn to sing. You will know your body, your voice, and your needs:

  • Improve singing voice health
  • Eradicate undo tension preventing you from unlocking your sound
  • Teach you reusable advanced singing techniques and vocal warm ups essential for your voice
  • Develop vocal power
  • Develop proper breath control
  • Build your musical knowledge
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Make you a confident singer
  • Improve overall musical abilities

Work with

singing teachers online

To take singing lessons online, all you have to do is pick your teacher! Have a look at all of the teachers in the studio and see who catches your eye. Each vocal coach can provide vocal exercises targeting chest voice and head voice, music theory, breath control training, work on vocal tone, learn to read music, ear training, or just learn how to sing a specific song with its unique challenges! We cover every aspect required to help you become a better singer.
When. you know which vocal coach you want private lessons with, contact us via phone or email.
Not sure which teacher is best for you? Contact us and we will help guide you to the best singing teacher for your needs.


singing lessons testimonials
Laurena Mayifuila Mayowele
Jordanne is great teacher! For the first time I contact her, I am very pleased. She took the time to truly understand what I needed. And, the first time I met her she made me feel so comfortable that I felt at ease to express myself. She made me do some exercise to see what my blocage was. Then gave me a routine, which is exactly what I needed. It have been only 3 courses but I can experience the change and improvement. And not only in singing and piano. I wasn’t aware of all the tension I use to have in my body. Now that I am conscious of that, I am able to relax my body and feel a deep connection. Also, now I am enjoying the journey more. I will definitely recommend Express voice studio. I have been in singing class for 3 years and piano class for 16 months going through the same blocage over and over. And I can say that the approach is more global and it works!
singing lessons testimonials
Samantha Timmons
I did my first lesson with Jordie last week. She is very patient and has a lot of knowledge on vocal training. She made me see things from a different light in just one session! Her knowledge is impeccable. I’m looking forward to working on my voice with her! I already feel improvement in just a week. Truly recommend her.
singing lessons testimonials
Julian Basurto
Throughly enjoyed my lessons with Express and Ian! Would definitely recommend. Thank you guys!

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