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Online singing lessons

Immediate Vocal Improvement: Online Singing Lessons

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Online singing lessons

Online singing lessons

Are you passionate about singing but don’t have the time or resources to attend in-person vocal lessons? Look no further. With the rise of online learning platforms, you can now master the art of singing from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop your vocal skills or an experienced singer aiming to refine your technique, online lessons offer a convenient and effective way to achieve your goals.

By leveraging the power of technology, online singing lessons provide you with access to professional vocal coaches and our suite of Artists Who Teach with lessons that are tailored to your individual needs.

From vocal warm-ups and exercises to performance techniques and repertoire building, these singing lessons cover a comprehensive range of topics to help you enhance your singing abilities. Additionally, many online platforms offer video tutorials, interactive exercises, and personalized feedback, ensuring that you receive the same level of instruction and guidance as you would in a traditional classroom setting.

Advantages of
learning to sing online

Learning to sing online comes with numerous advantages that make it an appealing option for aspiring singers. Firstly, online lessons offer flexibility in terms of scheduling. Unlike traditional in-person lessons, you can choose the time that works best for you, allowing you to balance your singing practice with other commitments. 

Secondly, online singing lessons save you the hassle of commuting to a physical location. With online lessons, you can say goodbye to traffic jams and travel expenses. Instead, you can simply log in to your lesson from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for unnecessary stress and time wasted on transportation.

Another advantage of online singing lessons is the ability to access a wider pool of vocal coaches and instructors. With online platforms, you’re not limited to the instructors in your local area. You can now work with our suite of artists nomatter where you are.

Online singing lesson platforms

When it comes to finding the right online singing lesson platform, it’s important to do your research and consider a few key factors. Firstly, look for platforms that have a strong reputation and positive reviews from students. This will give you an indication of the quality of instruction and the effectiveness of the lessons.

Secondly, consider the type of online vocal trainers you will be working with. Will you be working with an artist whose work inspires you? Thats probably something you’d want. 

Additionally, take into account the cost and payment options. At Express Voice Studio we like to keep things flexible and have packages and a pay-per-lesson model. 

Choosing the right Online Vocal Coach

There are so many singing teachers online it is just, wow, so overwhelming.

Rest easy my friend. Each artist at Express Voice Studio was hand selected by other artists for their vocal technique, artistry, and uniqueness. So basically we did the work for you in figuring out who are the best online singing teachers.
And now only one task remains:

Pinpointing which online vocal coach is most inline with what you are trying to achieve goal wise and stylistically.

We have online singing classes geared to adults and online singing classes for beginners. Within that, we have artists who work on songwriting, some who are operatically trained and experts at vocal technique, and some who will work with you on music production and DAWs.

Online singing lessons for adults

Unlock your singing potential from the comfort of your own home with our online singing classes for adults. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore your vocal talents or an experienced singer aiming to enhance your skills, our virtual lessons offer a tailored and interactive learning experience. Our expert instructors will guide you through vocal techniques, performance skills, and music theory, helping you find your voice and achieve your musical goals.

Join our online community for adult singing lessons and embark on a journey of self-expression and musical growth. Start your singing adventure today, no matter where you are.

Singing lessons For beginners

Embark on your musical journey with our online singing classes designed exclusively for beginners. Discover the joy of singing from the comfort of your own space, guided by experienced instructors who specialize in nurturing new talent.

These online lessons provide a supportive and encouraging environment to help you develop your vocal skills, master the fundamentals, and gain confidence in your singing abilities. Whether you dream of performing on stage or simply want to sing for personal enjoyment, our beginner-friendly classes are the perfect starting point for your singing aspirations. Join us online and take your first step towards becoming a confident and skilled vocalist.

Find Your

Online singing coach

Singing teacher Jenn Connor

Teaching Ages: 8+

Jenn Connor

With 10 years of teaching experience already under her belt, Jenn Connor is excited to be offering voice and piano lessons online through Express Voice Studios.

Originally from Burlington, Jenn demonstrated at a young age a willingness and ability to perform, singing Hilary Duff’s “Wake Up” at the local town fair when she was 10 years old. That same year, Jenn was chosen to play the lead in her school’s senior musical production of “Cinderella.” This early onstage experience led to additional opportunities in high school and furthered her interest in pursuing a career in music.

Vocally, Jenn is classically trained, specializing in her own singing lessons of Bel Canto over the past 13 years. In addition to teaching vocals, Jenn also teaches beginner and advanced piano, both classical and pop/jazz.  Building upon her own Royal Conservatory credits, Jenn’s previous work experience includes helping students prepare for RCM examinations, auditions, and performances.  

In pursuit of her own singing career, Jenn has worked with renowned producers including Los Angeles-based Tomas Costanza (Boys Like Girls) as well as award-winning producers Douglas Romanow (Justin Bieber) and Rob Wells (Ariana Grande).  Jenn’s recent release,  “Like I Did,” a fresh, innovative sound (produced by Wells) received airplay across Canada and critical acclaim from numerous online music blogs and magazines. 

Jenn’s musical influences range from the pop stylings of Michael Jackson to the operatic roots of The Tenors, reflecting her depth of musical appreciation. Jenn credits The Tenors, Criss Angel, and Cody Simpson for their ongoing guidance and support in her musical career. 

Rates Online Voice Lessons

$85 /hour

$65 /45 minutes

$40 /30 minutes

vocal coach Tracy pham

Teaching Ages: 8+

Kelsey Vaz

Kelsey Vaz, a Canadian singer-songwriter and vocal coach, boasts over a decade of experience in singing and writing across various genres like Pop, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, and Alternative Rock. Influenced by icons such as Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Brandy, Kelsey emphasizes the importance of finding passion in music during her singing lessons.

Encouraging her students to cultivate their musical talents, Kelsey focuses on essential aspects like vocal techniques, pitch, and tone. Recognizing music as a powerful form of expression and storytelling, her goal is to inspire students to deliver performances filled with emotion and intention in an eloquently articulated manner. Kelsey is known for pushing singers beyond their comfort zones to capture the true essence of their music.

In addition to her role as a vocal coach, Kelsey has graced major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Rochester with her performances. Her singles have received airplay on prominent platforms such as CBC RadioOne, Flow 93.5FM, and Hot 89.9FM. Notably, she has contributed background vocals for renowned artists like Daniel Caesar, Coleman Hell, and Maurice Moore, showcasing the breadth of her musical expertise during her singing lessons.

Rates For Lessons In Person

$65 /Hour

$38 /30 Minutes

Singing teacher Madison Clarinbold


Monday 10am-6pm
Tuesday 10am-3pm
Thursday 10am-3pm
Friday 10am-3pm
Sunday 7pm-10pm

Madison Clarinbold

Madison has been a singer and performer for over a decade. Educated in Musical Theatre at Randolph College For The Performing Arts, along with independent training through leading performance and singing workshops in New York and Toronto.

Some of her notable theatre credits include Diane in Million Dollar Quartet, Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins (the LOT); B in Bittergirl and featured ensemble in American Idiot (Stephenville Theatre Festival) Though Madison’s specialty remains in Musical Theatre, she is also well versed in pop music. Her work spans from national commercials, to independent feature films, and performances in festivals across Canada. Madison hopes to help you connect with your voice, and grow your performance skills with her singing lessons!

Rates Vocal Lessons online

$70 /hour

$60 /45 minutes

$45 /30 minutes

Voice Training Online with Nika Samandas

Flexible Availability
Ages 8+

Nika Samandas

Nika, an independent singer and performer hailing from Ukraine, embarked on her musical journey at the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music named after R.M. Glier. There, she honed her skills in singing lessons, coaching, dancing, and acting.

During her student years, she joined a local rock band where she served as the lead singer and even wrote their own music. Together, they toured across Ukraine, captivating audiences at the country’s biggest festivals.

Following her rock band days, Nika formed a cover band, gracing various events and venues across Ukraine. Their musical journey even took them to China, where they performed in restaurants and private events.

Nika’s passion for dancing and acting led her to explore new horizons as a production singer on cruise ships. On the ship’s theaters, she showcased her versatile talent, spanning genres from rock to musical theater. She sang pop music, danced alongside professional dancers, and assumed diverse characters, from Ursula in “The Little Mermaid” to Wednesday in “The Addams Family.” She even dazzled as part of a circus show, performing on an aerial hoop and a moving stage alongside skilled acrobats. Nika’s multilingual prowess allowed her to sing in Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Vocal Class Online

Work on your voice, ears, and breath. Focus on building a repertoire and discovering a style that suits each individual best. While I won’t provide all the songs, I can offer suggestions based on students’ interests or any information that can help them understand their own voice better. Additionally, we’ll explore singing in various genres and develop the ability to connect with the emotions of a song all within our singing lessons!

Online audition coaching

I will assist in determining what fits best for a specific audition, identifying the student’s strengths that can be showcased, and addressing areas that need improvement to enhance the performance. We will also focus on developing stage presence.

Rates For Lessons

$115 /Hour

$87 /45 Minutes

Gender Diverse Voice Classes

teaching online

Kit Boulter

Kit Boulter (they/them) is a trans nonbinary genderperformer, poet, mentor, and community activator. Through their work in theatre and entertainment, they advocate for social justice and representation on stages, in media, and the corporate world. They have performed live; singing, dancing, and acting on stages and screens across Turtle Island. Some theatrical credits include: Drunk Hamlet (title role) Jesus Christ Superstar (Pontius Pilate) The Little Mermaid (Ursula) Treasure Island (Long John Silver) and Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Yitzhak), Rocky Horror Dinner Show (Frank N Furter).

In drag as their alter ego Qaptain, they host and perform, lipsync and live-sing. Their advocacy for nonbinary representation beyond “mainstream drag” has led them to create their own collective house BOAT Haus, and they were a Champion of the 2019 Absolut Empire’s Ball Competition as a member of Rebel Gen.

Over the pandemic, they developed and coordinated the Sparkin’ Art digital studio for rural and remote artists, with the goal to help decolonize access to arts training and facilitate community collaboration. They’ve helped design and produce countless theatrical experiences and workshop sessions for youth, families, amateurs, and professionals alike. 

The best teachers are open to learning from their students. Qaptain Kit holds space for gentle revelations and easy-confidence development in their student-informed sessions. Get prepared to take responsibility for your vocal health and artistic practice as they tap into a wealth of experience of telling stories and defining art.

Not sure which of Kit’s services is best suited for you? Reach out and we will help you craft the ideal lesson with this superstar, whether singing lessons or something more tailored.

Range Extension for Voice

$70 /hour

$30 /30 minutes

Gender Diverse Voice Training & Exploration

$45 /hour

Stage Sensation: Lessons from Drag, Dance, and Singing Live:

$90 /hour

Drew - rap coach

Teaching In: English, French

Monday-Thursday: Before 9AM / 12-1 PM / After 5PM
Friday Before 9AM / 12-1 PM
Saturday Before 9AM / 12-1 PM
Sunday Before 9AM / 12-1 PM

R&B / Rap
With Drew

Montreal-based singer-songwriter &/or melodic rapper, Drew, has been pursuing his career as an independent musician for over two years, & has since seen relatively quick growth and success within the music industry. Alongside three in-house producers, together these 4 combine forces as jointly-known NSL (Never Stop Laughing) Collective.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Business Studies, Drew’s knowledge acquired in his educational background has benefited his pursuit as a musician. In addition, with work experience in Digital Marketing & Advertising, his understanding and expertise of branding, as well as consumer behaviour, allowed the collective to quickly build & grow a highly engaged community on various social platforms.

Drew is solely managed, writes his own lyrics, does his own vocal recording, mixing, mastering, as well as all other other business/marketing efforts required to be a successful independent artist. For this reason, he has acquired & mastered many skills within the overarching theme of being a musician. 

The Musician’s Business

Music creation is undoubtedly an artistic and therapeutic practice. That being said, in order to ensure a successful career as an independent artist, the importance of the “business side of music” can simply not be ignored or disregarded. More specifically, the aspects of marketing and branding are crucial contributors towards your success as a musician. These components can “make or break” your career in the music industry.

This “side” of the industry can be intimidating and “foreign” to some artists.

With some assistance and coaching in these departments, artists can see a complete transformation, and drastic improvements in regards to their music’s performance (over time, of course).

Having first-hand experience in music marketing and an educational background in business studies, my skill sets may help independent artists properly position themselves within this comptetitive industry.

Key Concepts/Components in this “course”:

Improving Social Media Presence (IG, TikTok, Spotify) : Growing a following, increasing engagement, understanding algorithms, leveraging “stories”, building a core fanbase, growing your network, the importance of collaboration, taking advantage of trends/fads, standing out in your niche, etc.

Branding Your Music: YOU are the product. Strategies and techniques to start building the foundation of your brand/persona. Music is -almost- secondary!

Digesting Criticism By Being In The Public Eye: Differentiating constructive criticism vs. Hate Comments, & relevant coping methods

    • Long Term vs. Short Term success in the music industry
    • Strategic releases & the importance of timing

$70 /hour

Online Songwriting Classes and Creative Frameworks

As creators, we must (at times) remind ourselves the reasons why we started all of this in the first place. This course offers tips and tricks to re-ignite creative thoughts, as well as offer/brainstorm tips and tricks to level-up your songwriting abilities, as well as technical production skills. This course more specifically offers assistance in regards to overcoming writer’s block, avoiding creative burnout, as well as finding a proper balance between your music career and personal life. It also highlights the importance of lyricism and song-structure creation.

Consider this an “all-around” course that offers assistance in regards to all that falls into the “creative” , “psychological”, as well as “technical” sides of music creation.

Key Concepts/Components in this “course”:

    • Maximising Productivity, Time Management, & The “Bigger Picture”
    • Overcoming Writer’s Block and reignite inspiration
    • Tips and tricks in regards to sound engineering (more specifically, vocal mixing and song mastering)
    • Improving Your Vocal Delivery
    • Improving Songwriting Skills
    • The Importance of Lyrics and Song Themes
    • Seasonality in Music
vocal coach in toronto and singing lessons online

Teaching In: English

Mondays: 9am to 3:30pm, then 8pm to 11pm
Tuesdays: between 9am and 11pm
Wednesdays: between 9am and 11pm
Thursdays: 9am to 5pm, then 8pm to 11pm
Fridays: 9am to 5pm
Saturdays: 9am to 5pm
Sundays: 1pm to 9pm

Nicole Jaskot

Nicole Jaskot is an emerging Pop/R&B artist from Toronto, Canada, with the goal of inspiring and helping others through her soulful music.  Nicole has been immersed in music from a very young age, began writing original music at age 14, and started professionally recording at age 16. Since the age of 18, she has released seven singles on all major streaming platforms. Nicole has also fallen in love with performing live and emotionally moving her audience with her beautiful, pristine voice.  

She has performed at various venues and events in the GTA including Chez Lavelle, The Cavern Bar, Forks and Barrels Festival, Toronto Ribfest, and The York Region Police Appreciation Gala. Nicole has the ability to move people through her music, as she believes music is the most powerful form of art.

Online Voice Technique Training

Singing lessons are personalized and tailored to each student’s needs and abilities. Lessons will include warm-ups and exercises for the first half, and focusing on a song of your choice for the second half. I will provide tips and pointers to help you improve in any area that needs improvement, focusing mostly on healthy and sustainable vocal technique, as well as musicality and style.

I will also provide a folder of piano recordings and examples of the exercises we go through during our lessons. The goal is to feel more comfortable and confident using your beautiful singing voice in a healthy way with good technique, and to sing with more joy and less fear. Singing is important for so many reasons, and I would love to help bring your passion for singing and for music to life in a fun and healthy way.

$75 /hour

dark pop coach nyre

Teaching Ages: 10+

Dark Pop Artist Nyre

Artist and music lesson teacher NYRE is a dark pop sensation from Toronto. Since 2019, her ethereal melodies and moody trap beats have captivated listeners, delving into themes of love and self-discovery. With a background in acting, NYRE’s storytelling is heart-grabbing and immersive, transcending the stage.

Her track “Youth” featured on Disney+ and Hulu’s ‘How I Caught My Killer,’ showcases her ability to seamlessly blend music with visuals. Drawing inspiration from Halsey, and Tate McRae to K-Pop, NYRE’s music is an enchanting fusion with over 1,000,000 total streams and a growing fan base. As she continues to make waves in the industry, NYRE invites audiences into her enigmatic world, one haunting lyric at a time.

Dark Pop Online Singing Lessons

Experience these singing lessons and hone your vocal skills with personalized vocal coaching. I’ll work with you to develop proper vocal techniques, improve your range, control, and tone. The first half will be focused on technique and exercises while the second half we dive into performance.

Vocal Production Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced singer, we’ll tailor the lessons to your specific needs and aspirations. 

Singing Performance Coaching

Prepare to shine on the stage and in front of judges with our audition preparation sessions. I will work to fine-tune your song choice, presentation, and performance to maximize your chances of success. Gain the confidence and skills needed to stand out and impress in auditions for school, community theater, or professional opportunities.

Online Songwriting Lessons

Building confidence is a cornerstone of my coaching approach. I’ll work with you to overcome stage fright, self-doubt, and anxiety. We’ll focus on enhancing your self-assurance and stage presence so you can perform with conviction and captivate your audience.


Rates For Online Lessons

$65 /Hour

$57 /45 Minutes

$38 /30 Minutes

Rachel Bobbitt, Toronto based artist and vocal coach

Teaching Ages: 8+

Alt Pop / Indie Rock Artist Rachel Bobbitt

Rachel Bobbitt is a singer/songwriter and performer from Nova Scotia Canada. She has been based out of Toronto since 2017.
In 2019, she released a collaborative album with guitarist/producer Justice Der called “When This Plane Goes Down.” After leaving Humber College after her third year of Jazz studies, she wrote and produced her first EP, “And It’s The Same.” This garnered the attention of record labels, including Fantasy Records, an American label who ended up signing Rachel at the beginning of 2021. Since then she has released two EPs, “The Ceiling Could Collapse”, and “The Half We Still Have” respectively. These projects landed press on sites like The Fader, Stereogum, Exclaim and NPR, as well as CBC radio play and many Spotify and Apple Music playlists.

Rachel has toured extensively with artists such as Men I Trust, Matt Corby, Indigo De Souza, Blonde Redhead, Will Butler, Luca Fogale, Mat Kerekes and Hannah Georgas. She has also taken part in sync writing for film and television, as well as commercial use. She is gearing up for more tours in the new year, and will soon record and release her debut solo album.

Online Rock Singing Lessons

lessons online in musical theatre

I’ve been engaged in singing lessons since the age of 7, accumulating substantial experience in foundational singing techniques. Over the course of 10 years, I actively participated in provincial-level musical theatre, honing my expertise in musical theatre technique. Additionally, I pursued pedagogy at Humber College, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between the body and voice.

Presently, my artistic focus revolves around indie rock and folk styles of singing and songwriting. Drawing from my diverse background, I am well-equipped to offer detailed guidance in musical theatre, as well as indie and rock vocal techniques. I am open and adaptable, ready to cater to the specific interests and aspirations of my students.

Songwriting classes Online

I’ve been immersed in the world of writing for as far back as I can recall, marking my first recorded release in 2018. Over the years, I’ve contributed to the creation of an album and two EPs, both through collaborative efforts and individual endeavors. I hold a strong conviction that everyone possesses the ability to write music, and my goal is to assist students in discovering their unique style and voice.

Whether refining pre-existing writing styles or guiding those who are new to the craft in finding their creative voice, I am dedicated to nurturing the artistic capabilities of my students. Furthermore, my professional experience extends to writing for sync, encompassing TV and commercial songwriting. I am well-equipped to offer insights into the intricacies of writing for sync placements.

Online Guitar/piano for singer songwriters

I offer comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals of guitar and piano for singers, covering everything from basic skills to the art of accompanying oneself on these instruments. Drawing on years of experience as a touring musician playing rhythm guitar, I am well-versed in providing practical guidance to singers, particularly on how to seamlessly integrate guitar playing into live performances without compromising vocal tone or technique.

For those inclined to multitask and enhance both singing and instrumental skills simultaneously, I encourage students to bring their guitars or pianos to lessons. This integrated approach can prove beneficial in honing proficiency in both areas concurrently.

Online Music Production lessons

I first started working in the DAW Reaper six years ago, and moved to ableton four years ago. I can create MIDI instrumentals within the DAW, or teach students how to record acoustically into Ableton. I also have experience in Logic and protools.I can also experiment creatively with a student and show them how to layer vocals, basic EQ, compression, reverb etc and how to work within a DAW creatively. This would be offered to students of basic to no understanding of production within a DAW.

Make A Demo

If you have an instrumental or a demo you’re looking to finesse, I can create a professional sounding recording for you in 24 to 48 hours. A student provides me with the stems, and I do basic mixing (EQ, Compression, Reverb, Panning, etc) to create your very own demo.

Pricing for online Music Lessons

$95 /Hour

$80 /45 Minutes

$65 /30 Minutes

zehrah ahmedzehrah ahmed
19:44 17 Mar 24
Had a great lesson with Jordanne
Amanda BAmanda B
16:17 15 Jan 24
Kit is amazing at helping me push myself out of my comfort zone and makes the classes fun and approachable. I'm so excited to keep going. Thanks Kit!
Alexander NicolAlexander Nicol
15:56 03 Oct 22
Jordanne was exceptional - I can't recommend her work enough to anyone seeking to improve their vocal technique and/or strength. She takes a full-body approach to singing, based on her training in Alexander Technique, which in my case meant connecting my posture to tension across my whole body. With Jordanne's guidance I was able to go from singing with tension and strain to singing with fluidity and support, all within a very short period of time. The newfound confidence I have in my voice is life-changing!
Mariam SolimanMariam Soliman
16:44 03 Aug 22
Everyone is so helpful and kind. From the first contact to your 100th class, you're sure to have a great experience.Lots of opportunity to grow your skill set and get out of your comfort zone while having fun !
James VillalongaJames Villalonga
19:59 25 Jul 22
I love my courses with Ian, he's very supportive and helpful and still pushes you to improve. He always adapts and finds different angles to see what works best with his student. It's always a pleasure.
Vanessa MichaudVanessa Michaud
15:23 21 Jul 22
I love everything about my lessons with Ian! His approach is creative and scientific, he always strikes the right balance between challenging and reinforcing, adapting to his students' needs and goals. He is a kind soul, super sensitive and empathic, has a great personality and excellent relational skills which made me feel secure and comfortable quickly at the beginning of our lessons, even though I had zero experience in singing. I am very happy with my improvement in a few months, it has been empowering. I highly recommend him and Express Voice Studio!
Charlee RoseCharlee Rose
22:36 16 Jun 22
I have taken songwriting, vocal classes & piano lessons with Verona for only 2 months and I have already seen an immense improvement in my songwriting skills, my vocabulary and understanding of singing + songwriting. Verona helps you understand what she’s saying by providing imagery & her own tactical experiences. She also offers vocal production & explains to you exactly what she’s doing so that you know for yourself and makes sure you really understand why what she’s teaching is so important! She’s mastered her craft and you can tell how much she truly loves teaching, and singing! Happy to have the pleasure of working with her. Truly recommend. I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my craft without her along side to help guide me!
Julian BasurtoJulian Basurto
04:21 21 Dec 21
I highly recommend Ian! I found my teacher Ian through express and I could not speak more highly of him! Ian's teaching is superb and has really pushed me to become the singer I want to be. His approach is technical and thorough while also being fun and super supportive. Ian is very encouraging, positive and patient, and has given me the resources to believe more fully in myself as a musician. He will help you to get your voice and your mindset where you want it to be. I highly recommend Ian and Express Voice Studio!
Jacob BoyerJacob Boyer
00:06 20 Dec 21
Ian is an amazing teacher and I would 100% recommend him for singing lessons! He’s very patient, always coming up with new and original content for his classes and I’ve seen considerable improvements in my singing since I started taking lessons with him. Always bringing that great energy that makes you want to learn more and improve!

Things to Know for your Online Singing Lessons

Are you a recording artist looking to clean up your singing skills or deal with some vocal fatigue or pain?

Often a professional singer will not have the same needs as beginner singers and so the structure will differ from other online singing lessons. All the sessions in our online singing classes will be geared towards maintaining the uniqueness of your sound and artistry while correcting any issues which may cause vocal injury.

Often these sessions will incorporate having you practice songs from your album to target difficult passages and evaluate them for vocal health.
While online singing courses are geared towards building a voice, a professional singer is often looking to refine and protect.

Over time, our goal is to expand your vocal range, find the correct use of head voice and chest voice, and provide you with vocal training that enables you to take care of your own voice: These singing lessons are not intended to go on weekly forever.

Vocal coaching for advanced singers is about self-empowerment and awareness. Understand your voice, your vocal technique. and apply it to your own music. The best vocal training teaches you how to feel out your voice day to day and understand what you need to do to get your singing voice show ready. Then, your vocal coach becomes someone you check in with your experiment with: You don’t need to learn how to sing, you need to learn how to read your voice and be performance ready at any time.

In our opinion, online singing lessons are not worth your money if they do not involve one-on-one lessons with a singing teacher. There is too much room for error with singing lessons online composed entirely of generic pre-recorded material. ‘

Many of us at Express Voice Studio have experienced first hand how working with the wrong teacher can take your singing voice backwards: you strengthen bad habits, your throat feels fatigued, you become frustrated and risk damaging your vocal cords… even needing vocal surgery on nodes in extreme cases.
However, online singing lessons with a real vocal coach listening to you and providing personalized feedback and programming is certainly beneficial.

All of the vocal coaches at Express Voice Studio offer online singing lessons as well as in person, meaning you no longer have to be in Montreal or Toronto to work with our Artists. Take singing lessons online every week, once a month, or multiple times a week: our no-contract style music lessons are designed to give you the freedom to work at your own pace.
We truly believe our singing teachers (each of them a professional singer in their field) provide the best online singing lessons. How can we make such a statement?

Well, not only can you take a-la-carte singing lessons with any teacher, but founder Jordanne Erichsen has created an online singing course designed to maximize the speed at which you improve, empower you to be able to identify what your unique problems are, and prevent you from strengthening the wrong muscles- possibly making your singing more painful and causing vocal damage.

So, its up to you: Are you looking for 3 month online singing course designed specifically for you, or are you interested in taking online voice lessons a-la-carte?

Creating the right environment for your online singing lessons is crucial for a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Start by finding a quiet and well-lit space in your home where you can focus and minimize distractions. Ensure that the room is free from background noise, such as appliances or street traffic, as this can interfere with your ability to hear and concentrate on your voice.

Next, consider the acoustics of the room. If the room has hard surfaces like tile or hardwood floors, consider adding soft furnishings or rugs to dampen any echo or reverberation. This will help you hear your voice more accurately and make it easier for your instructor to provide feedback on your technique.

Additionally, invest in a good quality microphone and headphones. These will ensure that your voice is captured and transmitted accurately during the online lessons. A microphone with noise-canceling features will also help eliminate any background noise, further enhancing the audio quality of your lessons.

Lastly, set up your camera at eye level. This will allow your instructor to see your facial expressions and posture, which are important aspects of singing. Adjust the camera angle and position to ensure that you are clearly visible and centered in the frame.

By creating a conducive environment for your online singing lessons, you’ll be able to focus and fully immerse yourself in the learning process, maximizing your progress and enjoyment.

To get the most out of your online singing lessons, it’s important to have the right equipment. Here are a few essential items that will enhance your learning experience:

1. Microphone: Invest in a good quality microphone that captures your voice accurately and provides clear audio for your instructor. USB microphones are a popular choice for online singing lessons due to their ease of use and compatibility with most devices.

2. Headphones: High-quality headphones are essential for listening to your instructor’s feedback and hearing yourself during the lessons. Look for headphones that provide excellent sound reproduction and have a comfortable fit.

3. Webcam: A webcam is necessary for video lessons, as it allows your instructor to see your facial expressions and posture. Choose a webcam with good resolution and low latency for a smooth and clear video feed.

4. Music Stand: A sturdy music stand will help you keep your sheet music or lesson materials at eye level, allowing you to read and sing comfortably without straining your neck or posture.

5. Cell phone Recording Device: Having a recording device, such as a smartphone or portable recorder, allows you to record your lessons and listen back to them for practice and self-evaluation. This can be a valuable tool for monitoring your progress and identifying areas for improvement.

By investing in the right equipment, you’ll be able to fully engage in your online singing lessons and make the most of your learning journey.

Practicing effectively is essential for improving your singing skills. Here are a few practice techniques to incorporate into your online singing lessons:

1. Vocal Warm-ups: Start each practice session with vocal warm-ups to prepare your voice and prevent strain. These can include exercises such as lip trills, sirens, and scales. Warm-ups help loosen up your vocal muscles and improve your vocal range.

2. Breathing Exercises: Proper breathing technique is crucial for singing. Incorporate breathing exercises into your practice routine to strengthen your diaphragm and improve breath control. Exercises like belly breathing and straw phonation can help you develop a strong and consistent breath support.

3. Repertoire Building: Choose songs that challenge and inspire you to practice. Building a repertoire of songs in different genres will help you develop versatility and expand your vocal capabilities. Start with songs that are within your vocal range and gradually progress to more challenging pieces.

4. Performance Techniques: Practice performing your songs as if you were on stage. Pay attention to your stage presence, facial expressions, and body language. This will help you develop confidence and enhance your overall performance skills.

5. Ear Training: Train your ears to recognize pitch, intervals, and harmonies. Incorporate ear training exercises into your practice routine, such as singing along to a melody and identifying specific pitches or intervals. This will improve your pitch accuracy and musicality.

Remember to practice consistently and be patient with yourself. Progress takes time, so trust the process and enjoy the journey of improving your singing skills.

While online singing lessons offer many advantages, they can also present unique challenges. Here are a few common challenges and tips for overcoming them:

1. Technical Issues: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and test your equipment before each lesson. If you encounter technical issues during a lesson, communicate with your instructor and try troubleshooting together. It’s important to address any technical issues promptly to minimize disruptions to your learning.

2. Lack of Physical Presence: Online lessons lack the physical presence of an instructor, which can make it challenging to receive immediate physical corrections. However, many instructors provide visual demonstrations and verbal instructions to compensate for this. Pay close attention to their cues and ask for clarification if needed.

3. Distractions at Home: Home environments can be prone to distractions, such as family members, pets, or household chores. Establish clear boundaries with your loved ones and create a quiet space where you can focus on your lessons without interruptions.

4. Lack of Personal Connection: Building a personal connection with your instructor is important for effective learning. Take the initiative to communicate with your instructor, ask questions, and share your goals and concerns. This will help foster a strong mentor-student relationship, even in an online setting.

By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, you’ll be able to navigate your online singing lessons more effectively and make progress towards your singing goals.

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