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Singing Lessons Montreal for kids and adults with teachers throughout the city.

Montreal is one of the most artistic cities in Canada, so we have no shortage of “Artists who teach” – professional vocal coaches who provide singing lessons in Montreal for beginners and advanced students.  Singing lessons in Montreal are possible in person at our many locations across the city or remotely online. Private singing lessons with Artists doing what you aim to do is the fastest way to see results: Learn to sing, rap, write songs, and record your music from those who inspire you. 

Montreal singing lessons are available for adults and kids (Ages 8+) with locations throughout the city.

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Unique Montreal Singing Lessons:

We believe a vocal coach providing voice training for all skill levels must demonstrate an unwavering vocal technique, an adaptable communication style, measurable success in their field, and ideally some training in somatic body practices. There is no wrong choice for voice lessons in Montreal if your choice of vocal coach comes from Express Voice Studio, but we can certainly help you find the best singing coach for your style and goals. 

our studio is a unique intersection:

artists who teach and artists who want to grow. 

Singing Lessons Montreal
singing lessons

A Performance based music school

Through working with an Express Voice Studio singing teacher in Montreal, you will gain access to our suite of tools for vocalists: stage experience, masterclasses, photographers, videographers, stylists and more. Your vocal coach will be able to guide you to the best services possible for building out your career as an artist if your goal is to pursue singing as a career.

Our genres of voice for singing classes cover every conceivable style. Additionally, our vocal teachers can build out your lessons to cover other skills you may want and need for your hobbies and career. We will help you build your team to learn: Piano, Feeling confident with microphone technique, Experience with live performances, Song writing, Music theory, University Exam Prep, Opportunities to get in a recording studio.

Montreal Singing Lesson Technique

Your voice is a unique instrument. Knowing how to use it in all circumstances with its full color and depth throughout your range requires working with a singing teacher who can help you master vocal agility and vocal tone. Improving your singing takes work. We will push you mentally and physically. Vocal technique doesn’t have to be complex though!

The basic concept of singing lessons at Express Voice Studio is to strengthen the muscles needed to sing healthily and naturally while relaxing the muscles that do not contribute to a healthy sound. Through voice lessons, you will eliminate tension. This is something only the best singing teachers can achieve in their students. Our professional singers’ backgrounds in body movement including Feldenkreis and Alexander Technique provides the basis of vocal technique that works for all styles of music: jazz, classical, belt, musical, Broadway, folk and contemporary.

Singing Lessons in Montreal

Singing coaching for Artists

Montreal is one of the most artistic cities in Canada, so we have no shortage of “Artists who teach” – professional vocal coaches who provide Montreal singing lessons for beginners and advanced students.  Singing lessons in Montreal are possible in person at our many locations across the city or remotely online. Private singing lessons with Artists doing what you aim to do is the fastest way to see results: Learn to sing, rap, write songs, and record your music from those who inspire you. 

Experts with beginner singers

Lessons for a beginner need to strike a balance of fun and building crucial singing skills. Any voice teacher at EXPRESS will want to find what style of music you gravitate to and build your lessons around specific goals to be able to sing in that style.

If you are a beginner singer, don’t be afraid to ask questions, say what styles of music interest you, and absolutely share with your singing teacher insights on how you learn: do you like to be pushed- tough love style? Do you want the lessons to be mostly singing through songs because its your “you” time and you need a mental break!

Your singing teacher is also learning to build the lesson style you want and need.

Montreal Singing Lessons
For Kids

Express Voice Studio offers private lessons for kids so that they can learn how to sing, read music, and play other instruments: You just might have the next Justin Bieber! Children require immense patience and a singing teacher who can shift their teaching style and lesson agenda to keep the interest of the child – not to mention have high energy – is key.

Sometimes parents wonder why they would pay a premium for certain voice coaches when they could pay less with some other music school. We love this question.

Many vocal teachers are giving voice lessons because they were unable to establish themselves as a singer in their field. In other cases, some vocal coaches are fantastic singers but really are not great voice teachers. So HOW are you supposed to know who to work with? This is exactly why Jordanne Erichsen created Express Voice Studio: to connect good teachers and active, inspiring artists with all ages for lessons. So why pay more? Because we have made it our mission to find the best teacher match for every student, hyper analyzing every artist’s teaching styles, their strengths and weaknesses, and what type of lessons will bring out their passion in high quality lessons.

Contact us for help choosing the best teacher for your child, our years of experience will ensure you never look for another singing teacher again!

Rap Lessons

Rap is so much about muscle memory and rhythm. We have artists who coach rap, but you may need to build out a “team.” Depending on your level, issues with rhythm and vocal technique can be addressed by a singing teacher and paired with rap lessons. Your rap lessons can include working on lyricism, flow, rhyme schemes, song writing, sound producing, stage presence and gaining experience recording your own songs.

Songwriting lessons

Vocal Coaching in Montreal can include working on songwriting skills. Find an artist whose style you vibe with, and work with them on music theory, songwriting on instruments, improvisation, recording studio techniques, music production, and vocal aesthetics. 

As with all of our classes, these sessions are private and can be in person or online. You may also work with mulitple coaches/artists at a time if you want to explore even more styles and approaches!

Singing Prep For Auditions

Work with a professional singer who has already gone through University and understands who to prepare for auditions for school, shows, or television and contents. Your singing lessons are run by a vocal coach who has a vast knowledge of best performance practices for your auditions and we are excited to be able to offer workshop style and private voice classes to help you nail that next big audition.

Singing lessons Toronto and singing lessons online are comprehensively designed to show you how to practice singing when you don’t have your coach around. We have also developed a journal for singers to help you structure your solo practice sessions. A definite must have workbook for singers for your university semester or self-directed practicing.

Singing lessons with Express Voice Studio build confidence, expand your repertoire, show you how to explore the best ways to market yourself, and discover your “brand” as an artist. Students are welcome at any level, you will leave with insane skills, passion, connections, and a lifetime teacher who will always have your back.

Group Singing Classes

Does singing on your own in front of a teacher feel too intimidating? Are you looking for a safe space to start to learn singing? Then our group singing lessons might be the right choice for you! Our singing lessons Toronto programming includes group classes led by a professional singer. Singing teachers deliver a masterclass style workshop that will focus on having so much fun with friends while improving your singing skills and technique.

Group warm ups, sing alongs, and a chance learn music (duets and trios included) are all part of this group lesson experience . Each week we will assign pieces to work on together that will give you more experience singing with others and will help you go at your own pace in a casual group singing environment. Because the group singing lessons are led by a voice coach, your vocal chords and technique will not be misused. There will be a focus on creating group singing classes which target technique as well as fun!

Contact us to see which teachers are offering group singing classes. If no group classes are currently programmed, we encourage students to work on their voice training with private lessons in the meantime.

Building confidence with lessons in Toronto can be a group thing!

privaate singing lessons

Find Singing
lessons near me

Singing teachers in NDG

Learning how to sing rock or sing grunge music takes a specific teacher- someone who can do it incredibly well. Improving your ability to sing with good technique in opera, pop, or musical theatre also poses challenges. Lessons in NDG with our “artists who teach” can cover literally any style of singing that interests you. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80 /hour

Singing teachers in Hochelaga

Singing Lessons Montreal now available in Hochelaga. Find a singing teacher in your neighbourhood and learn to sing quickly!

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Plateau

Looking for singing lessons in Plateau Montreal? Check out our vocal coaches offering private voice lessons in the Plateau. Beginner singers and professionals are welcome.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $90 /hour

Singing teachers in Little Italy

Start your vocal journey with singing classes Little Italy! This Montreal borough is known for its flair, and the singing professors available in Little Italy are equally as vibrant.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80+ /hour

Singing teachers in Downtown Montreal

Express Voice Studio can provide you with singing lessons downtown at a vocal coach’s studio or in  your own home! We include the Old Port in our Downtown Montreal services.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80+ /hour

Singing teachers in Lasalle

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Lasalle, Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Châteauguay

Check out our artists in Châteauguay, a close neighbour of our hubs in Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique and find singing lessons, songwriting lessons, and piano lessons. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Outremont

Singing lessons in the Outremont region of Montreal are available!
Check out our singing teachers offering private voice lessons for adults and children in Outremont. 

Prices vary

Singing teachers in Verdun

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Verdun, Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique, songwriting or piano lessons! 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Online Singing Lessons

Work with any Montreal singing teachers online! Our Online vocal classes open up working with artists to the greater Montreal area, Quebec, and the world! Singing Lessons online are given by all singing teachers in the studio.

Prices vary

zehrah ahmedzehrah ahmed
19:44 17 Mar 24
Had a great lesson with Jordanne
Amanda BAmanda B
16:17 15 Jan 24
Kit is amazing at helping me push myself out of my comfort zone and makes the classes fun and approachable. I'm so excited to keep going. Thanks Kit!
Alexander NicolAlexander Nicol
15:56 03 Oct 22
Jordanne was exceptional - I can't recommend her work enough to anyone seeking to improve their vocal technique and/or strength. She takes a full-body approach to singing, based on her training in Alexander Technique, which in my case meant connecting my posture to tension across my whole body. With Jordanne's guidance I was able to go from singing with tension and strain to singing with fluidity and support, all within a very short period of time. The newfound confidence I have in my voice is life-changing!
Mariam SolimanMariam Soliman
16:44 03 Aug 22
Everyone is so helpful and kind. From the first contact to your 100th class, you're sure to have a great experience.Lots of opportunity to grow your skill set and get out of your comfort zone while having fun !
James VillalongaJames Villalonga
19:59 25 Jul 22
I love my courses with Ian, he's very supportive and helpful and still pushes you to improve. He always adapts and finds different angles to see what works best with his student. It's always a pleasure.
Vanessa MichaudVanessa Michaud
15:23 21 Jul 22
I love everything about my lessons with Ian! His approach is creative and scientific, he always strikes the right balance between challenging and reinforcing, adapting to his students' needs and goals. He is a kind soul, super sensitive and empathic, has a great personality and excellent relational skills which made me feel secure and comfortable quickly at the beginning of our lessons, even though I had zero experience in singing. I am very happy with my improvement in a few months, it has been empowering. I highly recommend him and Express Voice Studio!
Charlee RoseCharlee Rose
22:36 16 Jun 22
I have taken songwriting, vocal classes & piano lessons with Verona for only 2 months and I have already seen an immense improvement in my songwriting skills, my vocabulary and understanding of singing + songwriting. Verona helps you understand what she’s saying by providing imagery & her own tactical experiences. She also offers vocal production & explains to you exactly what she’s doing so that you know for yourself and makes sure you really understand why what she’s teaching is so important! She’s mastered her craft and you can tell how much she truly loves teaching, and singing! Happy to have the pleasure of working with her. Truly recommend. I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my craft without her along side to help guide me!
Julian BasurtoJulian Basurto
04:21 21 Dec 21
I highly recommend Ian! I found my teacher Ian through express and I could not speak more highly of him! Ian's teaching is superb and has really pushed me to become the singer I want to be. His approach is technical and thorough while also being fun and super supportive. Ian is very encouraging, positive and patient, and has given me the resources to believe more fully in myself as a musician. He will help you to get your voice and your mindset where you want it to be. I highly recommend Ian and Express Voice Studio!
Jacob BoyerJacob Boyer
00:06 20 Dec 21
Ian is an amazing teacher and I would 100% recommend him for singing lessons! He’s very patient, always coming up with new and original content for his classes and I’ve seen considerable improvements in my singing since I started taking lessons with him. Always bringing that great energy that makes you want to learn more and improve!


Your first lesson is a chance for your coach to assess your skill level and experience. You can bring a song you want to work on (please bring the sheet music for your teacher) or if you are not sure what you want to sing, the first lesson can be used to solely work on singing technique. We highly encourage students to invest in a singing journal for both the student and coach to keep track of exercises, notes, and progress. Check out this one!


Students at Express Voice Studio improve at unprecedented speeds.  Using Alexander technique and other body awareness / alignment training, our singing teachers highlight what habits are unique to you and causing tension. 

Because no two bodies are the same, we cannot teach two students the same way. There are big picture exercises we may prescribe to strengthen your voice, but the thought sequences, physical awareness techniques, and structure of your training is never the same as another students. Approaches to vocal technique must be constantly revised as you improve, the journey of a singer is malleable.

We are your partner in teaching you how to learn, how to work efficiently on your voice, how to push through a vocal plateau, how to build up your confidence before a performance, and this living/breathing format of lessons enables our students to push through plateaus and achieve the best sound they are capable of. 


In our hiring process we aim to employ the best singing teachers in Montreal based on performance experience, body awareness training, proficiency in multiple styles of singing, and their capacity to share what they know. However, even working with top vocal coaches: singing lessons can be affordable. ​

We encourage you to reach out via phone or email to discuss your ideal budget for voice lessons and provide further information on your goals and location. When we know more about you, we can make a suggestion to the teacher who best fits all of your criteria.​

We never want the price to stop you from singing, which is why we offer discounts for full time students and artists (any type of artist). Each of our teachers have spent thousands on expensive singing lessons to achieve their level.

You don’t have to.

In general, you can expect to pay between $40-100 / lesson.


Well, you are probably not. Very few people are actually tone deaf, but the body has not been trained to know the physical sensation necessary for singing and how that correlates to matching pitch! Teachers can work with you on improving your intonation, but you will probably need to take lessons for an extended period of time to feel that you are consistently hitting pitches accurately. Thats ok! Learning music is a journey.

Student Alumni


Alex Nicol

Jordanne was exceptional - I can't recommend her work enough to anyone seeking to improve their vocal technique and/or strength. She takes a full-body approach to singing, based on her training in Alexander Technique, which in my case meant connecting my posture to tension across my whole body. With Jordanne's guidance I was able to go from singing with tension and strain to singing with fluidity and support, all within a very short period of time. The newfound confidence I have in my voice is life-changing!
Recording Artist
Voice coach Robert Popolii


Robert is the best voice teacher I've ever had. In addition to having an amazing voice and range (helpful when I need to hear the notes back) he's incredibly supportive and fun to work with. I've improved my voice drastically and he really helped me through learning to belt and riff! Thank you Robert!!
North York voice teachers Tylor van Riper


I absolutely LOVE Tylor. I started singing last May and I was super nervous about it. Singing is extremely personal and vulnerable, and for me it’s been so hard to feel comfortable enough to go to lessons because of how insecure I am about my voice. Once I summoned the courage to finally take lessons, I have to say that Tylor really went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable and safe.
singing lessons testimonials

Laurena Mayifuila Mayowele

Jordanne is great teacher! For the first time I contact her, I am very pleased. She took the time to truly understand what I needed. And, the first time I met her she made me feel so comfortable that I felt at ease to express myself. She made me do some exercise to see what my blocage was. Then gave me a routine, which is exactly what I needed. It have been only 3 courses but I can experience the change and improvement. And not only in singing and piano. I wasn’t aware of all the tension I use to have in my body. Now that I am conscious of that, I am able to relax my body and feel a deep connection.
singing lessons testimonials

Samantha Timmons

I did my first lesson with Jordie last week. She is very patient and has a lot of knowledge on vocal training. She made me see things from a different light in just one session! Her knowledge is impeccable. I’m looking forward to working on my voice with her! I already feel improvement in just a week. Truly recommend her.
singing lessons testimonials

Julian Basurto

Throughly enjoyed my lessons with Express and Ian! Would definitely recommend. I looked for a long time for a singing teacher that I could have fun with, connect with, and grow my voice. Ian was definitely that teacher for me. The concerts were great too to be a part of.
Thank you guys!