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Songwriting Classes

Songwriting Classes

Learn How to write a song from experts

songwriting courses

Songwriting can seem daunting: There are so many aspects to tackle from music theory to music production and learning various music software. But you are here because you are passionate about music and dream of creating your own melodies and lyrics– maybe for your own music, but also maybe writing great songs seems like a fun profession! Whatever your reason, your music education starts here, under the private tutelage of Canadian Artists working in various genres and applications of songwriting.

Our Songwriting Classes are designed to ignite your creativity and guide you through the art of crafting compelling songs. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring songwriter looking to refine your skills, our courses cater to all levels of experience. Some of our artists are experts in producing music and others in lyric writing and working with guitar and piano for acoustic styles. Whatever you are looking for- there is a coach for you.

Explore the principles of songwriting

We want your songwriting journey to feel streamlined. This is why we have brought a diverse range of artists onto our roster so that we can connect you with a coach who is applying songwriting in the same modality as you hope to do. If you want to write for musical theatre, pop songs, explore harmony building- whatever it is, your lessons will focus on what you want to learn.

Our services cover: music prouduction, working with DAWs, working in the recording studio, all genres of music from indie rock to pop to rap to classical songwrtiting, creative flow work, and establishing foundational skills like music theory, rhythm, harmony and microphone techniques.

Songwriting Coaches

Rachel Bobbitt

Rachel Bobbitt is a singer/songwriter and performer from Nova Scotia Canada. She has been based out of Toronto since 2017.
In 2019, she released a collaborative album with guitarist/producer Justice Der called “When This Plane Goes Down.” After leaving Humber College after her third year of Jazz studies, she wrote and produced her first EP, “And It’s The Same.” This garnered the attention of record labels, including Fantasy Records, an American label who ended up signing Rachel at the beginning of 2021. Since then she has released two EPs, “The Ceiling Could Collapse”, and “The Half We Still Have” respectively. These projects landed press on sites like The Fader, Stereogum, Exclaim and NPR, as well as CBC radio play and many Spotify and Apple Music playlists.
Rachel has toured extensively with artists such as Men I Trust, Matt Corby, Indigo De Souza, Blonde Redhead, Will Butler, Luca Fogale, Mat Kerekes and Hannah Georgas. She has also taken part in sync writing for film and television, as well as commercial use. She is gearing up for more tours in the new year, and will soon record and release her debut solo album.

Indie Rock SongWriting Classes

As an experienced songwriter with a track record of collaborative and individual releases, I am here to guide you on your musical odyssey. Whether you’re a seasoned writer seeking refinement or a newcomer discovering your creative voice, I believe that everyone can write music, and I am dedicated to helping you uncover your distinctive style. With a professional background in sync placements for TV and commercials, I offer insights into the craft of writing for diverse platforms.

Beyond songwriting, delve into the realm of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) with my expertise in Reaper, Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools. Whether you’re a novice or have basic knowledge, I can help you navigate recording acoustically, create MIDI instrumentals, and explore the intricacies of music production. Join me in this collaborative exploration of layering vocals, mastering EQ, compression, reverb, and unleashing your creativity within a DAW. Let’s elevate your musical journey together!

$95 /Hour

Montreal music production lessons

Teaching in English

Working with singers ages 16+


Nicholas Cangiano is a Montreal based multi instrumentalist who’s soulful and eclectic sound merged with his imaginative, imagery soaked lyrics quickly pulls you into his colourful world and creates a window into his life as a self made musician. Where anything goes, where the peculiar is encouraged, and where you’re enticed to let down your walls and come as you are. Cangiano uses his savvy for several instruments; most notably guitar, bass, and keys to blend influences of classic funk and soul with modern pop and rock together into fresh, infectious productions that will have you coming back for more. His sound has been compared to the likes of Tom Misch, Chet Faker, Jungle, and Daniel Caesar to name a few.

Born and raised in North Bay, ON, Nicholas moved to Montreal, QC when he was 18 to immerse himself in a growing music scene and develop his sound. Having played music since he could walk he learned to record music when he was 15 and from there started on a path of experimentation, honing in on a unique self made sound from which several collections of music emerged over the years. When he made the move to Montreal he began performing in the streets as a one man act, live looping several instruments he had picked up over the years including guitar, bass, keys, and percussion, paying his bills with the tips he would make day to day. From playing in the metros and side streets his first year in the city, to playing for thousands a day in the squares and cobblestone streets of Old Montreal a year later, he continued developing his looping style as well as his self recording technique in his bedroom studio nestled above the streets of the Old Port. 

In 2019 Nicholas independently released his first EP entitled ‘Off The Wall’, quickly followed by another EP and a full length LP in 2020 entitled ‘Lonely Paradise’ and ‘Makeshift Vacation’. These projects garnered him a small committed following through fans that he had caught in their tracks on the streets and won over with his unique productions. Cangiano’s prolific songwriting over his time in Montreal culminated in another independently released LP entitled ‘That Thing You Need’ in 2021, and most recently the colourful ‘New Occasion’ EP released in October of 2022. With distribution and marketing support from the team at emerging Montreal label ‘Favourite Library’, ‘New Occasion’ has already been picked up by Canadian radio and press, as well as prominent playlists (notably Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds Indie”). With lots of new music in the works and a strong momentum building, the coming years are set to be big for this young emerging artist.

Songwriting and Musical Style Development

In this course we will explore how we can utilize your unique skills and assets to start writing music, or develop your songwriting skills depending on your experience level. We will be focusing on helping you find your unique style in any or all of the following skills: singing, lyric writing, song structuring, and instrumentation whether you’re just looking to write music as a pastime, whether you want to start experimenting with releasing music, or whether you want to start or develop your career as a musician. This course is for individuals of all skill levels looking to develop their approach to songwriting and come into their own as a musician.


$100 /1 Hour

$155 / 90 Minutes

LASALLE Singing teacher VERONNA


English, French


Veronna is a Canadian singer-songwriter and a graduate from Saint-Laurent College in Jazz/Pop Singing (2011-2014) and after more than 300 shows around the world for several groups in the past years, she makes her solo debut with her first album “In The Unknown” launched in December 2018.

Memorable melodies, a nuanced and powerful voice, deep lyrics, majestic musical arrangements, amazing stage presence and great visuals; that’s what makes Veronna a stand out on stage. It is at Tangerine Studio in Montreal Veronna developed her sound with producer William Gaboury (Fuso, Simon Morin, Andy St-Louis).

In August 2017, Veronna released her first single “Queen”, her female empowerment anthem. The song is noticed on release and Veronna is called to perform it at the Rimouski International Jazz Festival as a duo with the renowned pianist Rafael Zaldivar. During the summer of 2018, she is the special guest on the show “Women Of Rock” and shares the stage with Quebec rock icons Marjo and France d’Amour, while performing with her own band in venues all around Quebec.

Since the pandemic dragged down promotion of the album and the tour that was supposed to happen in 2020, Veronna has turned to LiveStream to reach her audiences and has also composed many songs that she unveils during her virtual concerts. Her new French song “On a oublié” was released in September 2021. She had the chance to have one in-person concert in 2021, which was sold-out weeks before the date, on November 26 at the Orbite in the Old Montréal. You can follow her on Instagram (@veronnamusic


$100 /hour



for 10 one-hour classes (save 100$)


for 5 one-hour classes (save 25$)

December Rose singing teacher


English, French


Montreal vocal coach December works from her studio in the Chateaugay / Lasalle region. December is an award winning vocalist known for her power, range, and nuance. The pop vocalist and songwriter depicts authenticity and diversity through her carefully crafted songs, aimed at giving listeners and abuse survivors a voice, and comfort. December received the New Music Weekly’s Top 40 Artist of the Year award for ‘Raise Your Voice’ in June 2020 as well as the Hollywood Music in Media Award 2021 for her song ‘Apple Tree’.  Her latest album release has had several charting singles on US radio, and ranked on iTunes Top 200 Canadian Pop album releases.  While working on her music, she coaches and mentors other singers and artists that wish to pursue a career in the music industry. She has combined her Music Degree and Naturopathy Certification to best advise and guide students for healthy singing and lifestyle choices, to best serve and preserve the voice.’

Power Ballad Songwriting

A combination of singing and piano, songwriting classes are designed to find your unique artistic voice and how to express that through songs. Learn to understand your range, chord progressions, harmony, and much more. 

$90 /hr

Kelsey Vaz

Kelsey Vaz is a Canadian singer-songwriter and vocal coach. She has been singing and writing a range of genres from Pop, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, and Alternative Rock for over 10 years. Her influences are Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Brandy. 

Kelsey encourages all of her students to find their passion in music and get comfortable growing their talents. She focuses on vocal techniques, pitch, and tone. Music is a form of expression and the art of storytelling. The goal is to motivate students to perform with emotion and intention in a beautiful articulated way. Kelsey likes to push singers outside of their comfort zone to capture the essence of their music.

Kelsey has performed in major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Rochester. She has released singles that were played on played on CBC RadioOne, Flow 93.5FM, and Hot 89.9FM. She has also performed background vocals for Daniel Caesar, Coleman Hell, and Maurice Moore. 

Beginner Songwriting Lessons & Vocal Arrangement

Unleash your creativity and learn the basics of songwriting. I will guide you through the process of crafting melodies, lyrics, and song structure. Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter or simply want to explore your creative side, our beginner songwriting lessons will help you bring your musical ideas to life.

$65 /Hour

Tracy pham

Tracy Pham is a R&B & Jazz singer-songwriter and pianist based in Toronto. She combines her Vietnamese identity, vulnerable lyrics, and inspirations from Nina Simone, Cleo Sol, D’Angelo, and Tom Misch, to create her blend of jazz and R&B/soul.

In 2023, Tracy was accepted into the prestigious Honey Jam artist development program that has supported emerging Canadian women artists for the past 28 years. Notable alumni include Nelly Furtado, Melanie Fiona, Jully Black, and Haviah Mighty. The program culminated in a final concert at TD Music Hall where Tracy performed her original song “In My Mind” in front of 500 guests and won the Yamaha Make Waves $2500 prize.

After years of being a hidden musician, her goal is to help others discover their voice and pursue their passions through teaching and mentoring.

RNB Songwriting lessons

Songwriting can be a great therapeutic tool for expressing your emotions or a new way to tap into your creative energy. Whether your goal is writing a song for a loved one, learning how to songwrite with other people, or writing songs for TV/film, I will work with you on songwriting foundations, song structure, and creating melodies.

$90 /hour

robert popoli

Robert Popoli is a voice and piano instructor, composer, and performer based in Toronto, ON. He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Music Honours Performance (Voice) program at Western University. Selected theatrical credits include: John Brown in The Shop Girl (COSA Canada); Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast, Rooster in Annie, J. Finch & Others in Puffs (Canadian Premiere), Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, Mr. Marks/Jason Green/Stormtrooper in The Producers (The LOT); Carlos / Elle’s Dad in Legally Blonde (Hart House Theatre); Sailor in Something for the Buoys (Sapling Productions); Performer and Music Director of Quarantine Story: A Digital Cabaret (Music Theatre Productions). Selected university credits: Paul San Marco in A Chorus Line, Jack in Into the Woods (Theatre Western); Leaf Coneybear in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Jimmy Harper in Reefer Madness (King’s Players); Laurie in Little Women, Robert in Company (Music Theatre on the Thames) Tom Springfield in Forever Dusty, Riff Raff in Rocky Horror Dinner Show (The Medley).

Robert enjoys teaching all age groups in a variety of musical styles with specializations in musical theatre, pop, opera, and rock. Being a composer, Robert is also able to help his students improve their compositions, learn what it takes to write in musical theatre style, accompany themselves while singing, and develop their sense of creativity for the purposes of writing songs and/or lyrics. In addition to his one-on-one lessons, Robert occasionally offers masterclasses in which students can perform for each other and receive peer feedback!

Musical Theatre Songwriting

Robert has extensive experience in orchestration and writing for all voice parts. Work with him to learn how to write musicals and classical music when considering orchestration, division of parts, melody writing, and how to break down the process.

$90 /hour

Katrina Anastasia

Katrina Anastasia, a 24 year old multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.

Her sound includes alternative new wave tones with hues of RnB, dream pop, acoustic, nu-disco, folk, and more. Her sound is smooth and alluring, and she continues to experiment with her dynamic range to produce ethereal layered vocals that follow effortlessly with her lyricism, truly an intimate experience for her listeners.

Her acoustic EP titled “It’s cool to care.” is a 6 song project fully written, produced, and performed by Katrina Anastasia. An experimental EP with no guidelines or restrictions.

The true bare bones of Katrina’s artistry.

Katrina loves giving back by showing upcoming artists and her students how to navigate the industry, their voice, and their music.

Songwriting Lessons

Want to find your own style and flow as a songwriter? Work with Katrina Anastasia to explore a variety of styles and learn from her process.

Live Performance Techniques

How do you keep an audience engaged on stage? How do you master the art of chatting with the audience? How do you find YOUR style on stage? 

Learn to master the stage.

$115 /Hour

Who is the course for?

Unlock Your Creative Flow

Unlocking your creative flow is an art, and our coaches are adept at helping you find inspiration and overcome creative blocks. Through one-on-one sessions, you’ll receive personalized feedback, constructive critiques, and valuable tips to elevate your songwriting. Learn what works for other artists when they feel stuck and how to get the first step done so you break through imposter syndrome, procrastination, and frustration! Learn to write songs with free creative flow.

Music Composition: Musical Theatre & Classical

Work with coaches who have backgrounds in composing for classical music and musical theatre. Music theory will play an integral role here as well as writing song lyrics, melodies and vocal harmonies for different voices, and how to write for various instruments in your orchestration. You may find these songwriting courses useful if you gravitate towards jazz, gospel, and movie soundtracks as well!

Learn Music Theory Principles

Discover the nuances of song structure, chord progressions, and the art of storytelling when you write music. Music theory is fundamental to songwriting for any artist who wants to go beyond writing melodies over pre-made beats. Take your art into your own hands and elevate your writing process. Our coaches work with all skill levels to cover music theory, harmony, chord progressions, and how to write your own songs from scratch.

Music Production Classes

Looking for music production lessons? Check out our coaches here.

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