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Toronto singing lessons
Toronto singing lessons

Toronto Singing Lessons in-person or online

Toronto Singing Lessons focus on everything voice related. For singing classes in Toronto, we provide private singing lessons in-person or online, voice lessons are for kids and adults, beginners to advanced students, and cover a range of genres from classical music to contemporary music. Our services also include voice acting training, artistic coaching, composition, audition preparation, and many teachers also teach recording and sound engineering essentials for aspiring recording artists. All of our vocal coaches endeavour to match their teaching style to your learning style so that you get the most out of your vocal instructor. We also host multiple concerts, masterclasses, and studio events for students throughout the year.

Toronto singing lessons are available for adults and kids (Ages 8+) with locations in Liberty Village, North York, and Cabbagetown.

Online classes

All of the vocal teachers at Express Voice Studio offer singing courses online as well as in person, meaning you no longer have to be in Downtown Toronto to work with our Artists.  Take weekly lessons, monthly private lessons, or multiple times a week: our no-contract style music lessons are designed to give you the freedom to work at your own pace and in your own style while focusing on your optimal vocal development.

Voice Over

Are you wondering how to become a voice over actor?

Feeling overwhelmed with how to do voice overs at a high quality so you can get rehired again and again?

Express Voice Studio is excited to offer online classes with multiple teachers actively working in Voice Over to cover general voice over industry need-to-knows, mic training, character voices, natural voice development, audition tips including how to record clean vocals, script reading technique, voice over for commercials, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner who is interested in learning the basics of voiceover, or a professional voiceover artist looking to refine your skills and level up your career, booking rate, and income, our awesome teachers provide customized coaching for people at every level.

Our voiceover classes are offered by Kit Boulter, Clifford Atwell, and Lisa Suliteanu.

Gender Diverse Voice Classes

Are you someone who is exploring their expression of gender? Have you felt bound by vocal teachers whose vocal techniques seem to be stuck in the binary? Are you ready to expand your singing technique to include more gender affirming, androgynous, and non-binary vocal range? Are you longing to find your own voice that is uniquely you? We are ready to help you! Whether you wish to sound more masculine, more feminine, or more androgynous, our fantastic voice instructors can help you find the control and liberation of your singing voice that you seek. 

Our primary teacher for these gender exploration classes is Kit Boulter.

Group Classes

Does singing on your own in front of a teacher feel too intimidating? Are you looking for a safe space to start to learn singing? Then our group lessons might be the right choice for you. Our Toronto singing teachers deliver a masterclass style workshop that will focus on having so much fun with friends while improving your singing skills and technique. Group warm ups, sing alongs, and a chance learn music (duets and trios included) are all part of this group lesson experience . Each week we will assign pieces to work on together that will give you more experience singing with others and will help you go at your own pace in a casual singing environment. You will be pleasantly surprised at how learning voice in such a supportive environment can really help you soar and get ready for taking singing lessons in a private setting later on.

Group singing classes are currently being offered by Clifford Atwell, Kit Boulter, Alyssa Curto, and Robert Popoli.

Singing Lessons for Auditions

Feeling frustrated with the audition process? Not sure what to do to ensure that you deliver an audition that shows you off at your best every time? Ready to start booking more roles? 

Our Toronto vocal teachers have a vast knowledge of best performance practices for your auditions and we are excited to be able to offer workshop style and private classes to help you nail that next big audition. These Toronto singing classes are designed to build confidence, expand your repertoire, explore the best ways to market yourself, and discover your “brand” as an artist. These classes are geared towards singers with little to lots of experience. Whether you are re-working a tried and true party piece or learning to stay in the moment, one of our audition classes with top professionals can help. Classes are available for pop, rock, musical theatre, classical, and more.

These audition classes are currently being taught by Alyssa Curto, Clifford Atwell, and Robert Popoli.

Toronto singing lessons

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Students at Express Voice Studio improve at unprecedented speeds.  Using Alexander technique and other body awareness / alignment training, our singing teachers highlight what habits are unique to you and causing tension. 

Because no two bodies are the same, we cannot teach two students the same way. There are big picture exercises we may prescribe to strengthen your voice, but the thought sequences, physical awareness techniques, and structure of your training is never the same as another students. Approaches to vocal technique must be constantly revised as you improve, the journey of a singer is malleable.

We are your partner in teaching you how to learn, how to work efficiently on your voice, how to push through a vocal plateau, how to build up your confidence before a performance, and this living/breathing format of lessons enables our students to push through plateaus and achieve the best sound they are capable of. 

In our hiring process we aim to employ the best singing teachers in Montreal based on performance experience, body awareness training, proficiency in multiple styles of singing, and their capacity to share what they know. However, even working with top vocal coaches: singing lessons can be affordable. 

We encourage you to reach out via phone or email to discuss your ideal budget for voice lessons and provide further information on your goals and location. When we know more about you, we can make a suggestion to the teacher who best fits all of your criteria.

We never want the price to stop you from singing, which is why we offer discounts for full time students and artists (any type of artist). Each of our teachers have spent thousands on expensive singing lessons to achieve their level.

You don’t have to.

In general, you can expect to pay between $25-90 / lesson.


singing lessons testimonials
Laurena Mayifuila Mayowele
Jordanne is great teacher! For the first time I contact her, I am very pleased. She took the time to truly understand what I needed. And, the first time I met her she made me feel so comfortable that I felt at ease to express myself. She made me do some exercise to see what my blocage was. Then gave me a routine, which is exactly what I needed. It have been only 3 courses but I can experience the change and improvement. And not only in singing and piano. I wasn’t aware of all the tension I use to have in my body. Now that I am conscious of that, I am able to relax my body and feel a deep connection. Also, now I am enjoying the journey more. I will definitely recommend Express voice studio. I have been in singing class for 3 years and piano class for 16 months going through the same blocage over and over. And I can say that the approach is more global and it works!
singing lessons testimonials
Samantha Timmons
I did my first lesson with Jordie last week. She is very patient and has a lot of knowledge on vocal training. She made me see things from a different light in just one session! Her knowledge is impeccable. I’m looking forward to working on my voice with her! I already feel improvement in just a week. Truly recommend her.
singing lessons testimonials
Julian Basurto
Throughly enjoyed my lessons with Express and Ian! Would definitely recommend. Thank you guys!