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Jordanne Erichsen

Jordanne Erichsen is the founder of Express Voice Studio, Canada’s only platform dedicated to financial autonomy for emerging artists through connecting the public with them for private lessons. In 2014, Jordanne launched The Singers Tension Podcast of which she is the host and director.

Jordanne holds a B.Mus majoring in Opera from the University of Regina. She went onto complete her M. Mus majoring in Opera at the University of Ottawa. Complementing her university training, Jordanne has completed the BodyMinded Alexander Technique program out of Australia and over 500 hours of formal Alexander Technique training to assist with postural and tension issues in musicians.

Jordanne Erichsen is now a vocal coach, singing teacher, Entrepreneur, and SEO specialist. She specializes in working with beginner singers, those with pain and tension when they sing and speak, and recording artists for their vocal power and longevity.



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