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West Island

West Island

Singing lessons West Island

Singing lessons west island

Welcome to the epicenter of great music lessons. Take your singing and songwriting to the next level by working with our roster of artists! Our singing lessons aren’t just about hitting the right notes; they’re about unleashing the soulful force within you. Dive headfirst into the realm of rock singing, where power is crucial. Discover what makes a jazz voice so smooth. Or tackle technical elements of the voice like learning to improve your ear training and pitch. From beginners dreaming of the spotlight to seasoned pros honing their craft, our lessons in the West Island are your gateway to musical stardom.

Coaches Available in west island

Students learn from working industry professionals.

Singing lessons West Island
Singing lessons West Island
Singing lessons West Island

Voice Teacher

Tatum Quinn

Ages 12+ or by assessment


80 CAD / 60 min
65 CAD / 45 min
50 CAD / 30 min

Singing Lessons for Adults & Kids

Teaching In English 

Singing lessons with Tatum is like taking lessons with your best friend; Always fun, encouraging & positive, while still focusing on the tasks at hand. Every student learns differently and with Tatum, being Dyslexic herself, she takes a lot of pride in adapting the way she teaches to her student’s specific learning styles/needs. 

The lessons will consist of (30 minutes) of vocal warmups, vocal exercises, & technique; The other half of the lesson (30 minutes) will be used to work on songs the student wants to work on. With that said, Tatum is very transparent and will advise her students on whether their song choice is going to be beneficial or too advanced at this time for the student. 

Tatum specializes in Rock vocals & belting but is very diverse and comfortable teaching MANY other styles (Pop, Blues, R&B, Soul, etc…) 

rock vocal coach

Learn Stage Performance Techniques

Do you feel nervous before singing in front of crowds? Are you unsure of how to move on stage without feeling silly? Is talking to an audience scary for you?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this class if for you.

In this course Tatum takes you through a journey of self reflection and getting to the root behind the fear. She will teach you everything you need to know about stage presence & interacting with your audience to make them LOVE YOU! Take your vocal technique and test it- can you move on stage, give the performance of your life, and not falter with your sound? 

Audition Preparation

Do you have an upcoming audition? 

Tatum will use her expertise to help prepare you for your upcoming audition & give you confidence to go in there and nail the audition! These lessons will consist of a vocal warmup and running through your audition repertoire. Tatum will coach you on breath stamina, emotion, and special attention to difficult sections.

During her time at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tatum excelled under the guidance of well known Stage Performance teacher Livingston Taylor. Stage performance is a major passion of Tatum’s. Artists need to know what the root problem of their stage presence is- fear of unreliable vocal technique? Awkwardness of body movements? Not enough opportunity to perform? Unfamiliarity with microphones? Master your full potential before your audition, book the gig.

Whether you are preparing for classical singing programs, a local karaoke contest, or a major singing competition- Tatum will get you stage ready.

Trained at Berklee College of Music and featured twice on Ubisoft’s massively successful, Just Dance, Montreal’s own “powerhouse in a little package”, 27 year-old Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter & Performer Tatum Quinn has opened for Kool & the Gang, The Pointer Sisters, April Wine, Boy George & more. Quinn’s goal is to inspire the world through her music, & give her fans and students a place to belong in a world that wants you to fit in. 

The singing exercises Tatum teaches are made to grow your vocal range, merge any vocal bridges, remove negative habits when singing, breath support and to develop a stronger, fuller voice. When technique has been sufficiently covered, Tatum will work with her students on musical styles. Your voice performance in any song should be nuanced, and a great teacher can help you understand emotion, intention and vocal aesthetics. These are essential elements for anyone who wants to sing and sound great!

Songwriting For Beginners

In Studio Session

Even the greatest singers can benefit from studio coaching and guidance.Tatum specializes in both pre-recording preparation, & day-of studio coaching; She will not only help get your voice in shape for your recording session, She will come to the studio and provide on-site feedback and prompting in order to ensure you make the most of your studio time & you leave feeling confident about what you recorded! She will also help you effectively communicate your desires and vision to the musicians and/or producers/engineers. 

More Locations

Singing teachers in NDG

Learning how to sing rock or sing grunge music takes a specific teacher- someone who can do it incredibly well. Improving your ability to sing with good technique in opera, pop, or musical theatre also poses challenges. Lessons in NDG with our “artists who teach” can cover literally any style of singing that interests you. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80 /hour

Singing teachers in Hochelaga

Singing Lessons Montreal now available in Hochelaga. Find a singing teacher in your neighbourhood and learn to sing quickly!

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Plateau

Looking for singing lessons in Plateau Montreal? Check out our vocal coaches offering private voice lessons in the Plateau. Beginner singers and professionals are welcome.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $90 /hour

Singing teachers in Little Italy

Start your vocal journey with singing classes Little Italy! This Montreal borough is known for its flair, and the singing professors available in Little Italy are equally as vibrant.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80+ /hour

Singing teachers in Downtown Montreal

Express Voice Studio can provide you with singing lessons downtown at a vocal coach’s studio or in  your own home! We include the Old Port in our Downtown Montreal services.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $80+ /hour

Singing teachers in Lasalle

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Lasalle, Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Châteauguay

Check out our artists in Châteauguay, a close neighbour of our hubs in Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique and find singing lessons, songwriting lessons, and piano lessons. 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Outremont

Singing lessons in the Outremont region of Montreal are available!
Check out our singing teachers offering private voice lessons for adults and children in Outremont. 

Prices vary

Singing teachers in Verdun

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Verdun, Montreal. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique, songwriting or piano lessons! 

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Online Singing Lessons

Work with any Montreal singing teachers online! Our Online vocal classes open up working with artists to the greater Montreal area, Quebec, and the world! Singing Lessons online are given by all singing teachers in the studio.

Prices vary

Singing teachers in West Island

Singing Lessons and songwriting classes are available in West Island! check out our coaches to see who is the right fit for you and get startd!

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Who Is The Best Singing Teacher FOr You?

Contact us and we will help guide you to the best singing teacher for your needs.

Every artist on our roster prices themself, which means you will find a range in cost. Lessons range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and cost wise they range from $45 to $120 depending on the coach. Have a budget? Just reach out to us and let us know what you are looking to spend per lesson. We can recommend the best options in your budget. Also ask us about our scholarship program and ELAN members receive pay what you can lessons.

Yes! all of our music teachers are available for online lessons including online singing lessons. While we mostly offer private singing lessons, we also have group classes online that EVS students can access for low cost.

1. Doug E. Fresh: Known as the “Human Beatbox,” Doug E. Fresh is considered one of the pioneers of hip hop and beatboxing. His innovative techniques and performances helped popularize beatboxing in hip-hop culture during the 1980s.

2. Rahzel: Often referred to as the “Godfather of Noyze,” Rahzel is renowned for his ability to simultaneously beatbox and rap, creating intricate rhythms and melodies with his voice. He has collaborated with various artists and has showcased his talents on numerous stages worldwide.

3. Kenny Muhammad: Dubbed the “Human Orchestra,” Kenny Muhammad is celebrated for his mastery of beatboxing and his ability to mimic the sounds of various musical and percussion instruments using only his voice. His performances have captivated audiences and inspired aspiring beatboxers around the globe.

4. Biz Markie: While primarily known as a rapper and DJ, Biz Markie was also a proficient beatboxer. His signature “human drum machine” style contributed to his unique sound and helped solidify his place in hip-hop history.

5. Roxorloops: Hailing from Belgium, Roxorloops is known for his innovative beatboxing techniques and creative use of live looping technology. He has won numerous beatboxing competitions and has collaborated with artists across different genres.

These are just a few examples of famous human beatboxers who have made significant contributions to the art form. Their creativity, skill, and dedication have helped elevate beatboxing to new heights and continue to inspire generations of beatboxers worldwide.

They have to sing. Ha! Ok yeah its a lot more in depth than that. We look for artists who have technical skills – whether singing or music production, it doesnt matter they have it down pact- and then that extra something. Every musician is a working professional in their field. They coach because we asked them to, but their full time gig is their art.

These artists have been musicians for more than several years- they have dedicated their life to their art. Going beyond a “music teacher” we look for an “artist” and make them available to the general public for lessons. The third factor we look for is individuals who have an aesthetic, a brand that is getting noticed in their field and in Canada.

We want voice students to feel inspired by their teacher. When we find an interesting artist, we look at all of their creative output, their skills on stage, their technique, and what makes them unique.

Our artists who teach are versatile musicians. You will find piano, and guitar lessons, music theory, music production, beat boxing, and songwriting classes on our list of services.

Of course. All of our teachers are happy to work with beginners. Yes we are a school dedicated to the highest level of the performing arts, but the starting point of your skills doesn’t matter! Take lessons just because you have always enjoyed learning and want to challenge yourself. Or take lessons to try your hand at entering the world of music performance and become a musician. Wherever you are at and whatever your goals- we got you.

Absolutely. We can work with you on classical guitar, music theory, classical voice (opera), and we have a hookup with classical piano teachers around the city.