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East York Voice Lessons

East York Voice Lessons

Private East York SINGING Lessons

Voice Classes in East York Toronto

Hey, Welcome to East York. You don’t have to go downtown to work with the best singing & songwriting teachers in Toronto. There are some fire artists in your neighbourhood. Your lessons will be 1-on-1, private music lessons in person or online if you prefer. Finding the right teacher for singing and songwriting is about finding an artist whose style you gravitate towards. We went and found artists who excite us and asked them to come onboard our roster as teachers for kids (age 5+) and adults.

Need help choosing a professional voice teacher? Just give us a call, we can help you find the right team.

Oh yeah– we’d love it if you worked with multiple music instructors. Take what you need.

Songwriting Classes

Expect have your technical skills challenged as well as creative process. Whether you’re drawn to the soulful rhythms of R&B, to indie authenticity, or the catchy hooks of pop and EDM, our music educator “Artists Who Teach” will bring their passion and knowledge into play with your own experience and artistry. These classes can be done as online lessons or in home lessons, either at the artist’s studio space or in your home.

Songwriting lessons may combine use of the guitar or piano, with beginner piano lessons or beginner guitar lessons built into the lessons. You will build on your music theory knowledge to understand chord progressions and artistic choices for emotions in songs without getting more technical than you need to. This is songwriting for singers- not for the next Mozart.

Singing Lessons

Live in East York? Check out our East York singing classes. We offer a unique and personalized approach that allows students to explore their vocal style deeply. You’ll have the opportunity to work with vocal coaches whose vocal aesthetic inspires you: whether it’s the power of a pop ballad, the depth of a soulful r&b singer, or the versatility of a modern EDM and musical theatre cross-over artist.

But we don’t stop there; we also encourage you to collaborate with different instructors who specialize in various styles, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of vocal dynamics, from classical to contemporary. 

Guitar Lessons for Singers

Our guitar lessons for songwriters and singers are tailored to get you performing as fast as possible. Maybe you think that learning instruments will take you a long time before you can play and sing. We promise that isn’t true. You just need an approach to your lesson that takes into account you are wanting to fast-track to performance ready. These lessons provide an invaluable opportunity for singers to accompany themselves on guitar, gaining a deeper understanding of musical structure and timing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vocalist, our guitar lessons are focused on getting you playing and singing as quickly as possible and writing your own songs on an instrument. This mode of learning guitar works for children and adults.

Pro Tools Lessons for Singers

Pro Tools lessons for singers are a gateway to harnessing the full potential of your vocal talents in the digital age. In today’s music industry, recording and producing your own music has become increasingly essential, and Pro Tools is the industry standard for professional audio production. Our tailored lessons provide singers with the skills and knowledge to record, edit, and produce their vocals with precision. Whether you’re looking to craft your own demos, collaborate with producers, or simply have more creative control over your sound,

Pro Tools lessons empower you to navigate this powerful software. You’ll learn how to apply various effects, mix your tracks, and fine-tune your vocal performances to perfection. 

East York Singing Teachers

Private Voice Lessons

Songwriting Teacher Katrina Anastasia

Teaching Ages: 5+

Online & In-Person
& Travel To You

Katrina Anastasia

Katrina Anastasia, a 24 year old multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.

Her sound includes alternative new wave tones with hues of RnB, dream pop, acoustic, nu-disco, folk, and more. Her sound is smooth and alluring, and she continues to experiment with her dynamic range to produce ethereal layered vocals that follow effortlessly with her lyricism, truly an intimate experience for her listeners.

Her acoustic EP titled “It’s cool to care.” is a 6 song project fully written, produced, and performed by Katrina Anastasia. An experimental EP with no guidelines or restrictions.

The true bare bones of Katrina’s artistry.

Katrina loves giving back by showing upcoming artists and her students how to navigate the industry, their voice, and their music.

Songwriting Lessons

Want to find your own style and flow as a songwriter? Work with Katrina Anastasia to explore a variety of styles and learn from her process.

Live Performance Techniques

How do you keep an audience engaged on stage? How do you master the art of chatting with the audience? How do you find YOUR style on stage? 

Learn to master the stage.

Rates For Lessons

$115 /Hour

Microphone & Recording Studio Techniques

Feel confident working with microphones for self-recordings and in the studio to get the sound you want for your music. Capture your voice properly and learn to sing with microphones properly.

Guitar Lessons Basics

Guitar basics focused on teaching beginners or singers who want to explore writing songs and playing the guitar.

Rates For Lessons

$100 /Hour

vocal coach Tracy pham

Teaching Ages: 8+

Online & In-Person

Kelsey Vaz

Kelsey Vaz is a Canadian singer-songwriter and vocal coach. She has been singing and writing a range of genres from Pop, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, and Alternative Rock for over 10 years. Her influences are Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Brandy. 

Kelsey encourages all of her students to find their passion in music and get comfortable growing their talents. She focuses on vocal techniques, pitch, and tone. Music is a form of expression and the art of storytelling. The goal is to motivate students to perform with emotion and intention in a beautiful articulated way. Kelsey likes to push singers outside of their comfort zone to capture the essence of their music.

Kelsey has performed in major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Rochester. She has released singles that were played on played on CBC RadioOne, Flow 93.5FM, and Hot 89.9FM. She has also performed background vocals for Daniel Caesar, Coleman Hell, and Maurice Moore. 

Soul Singing lessons

Experience the joy of singing while honing your vocal skills with personalized vocal coaching. I’ll work with you to develop proper vocal techniques, improve your range, control, and tone. The first half will be focused on technique and exercises while the second half we dive into performance.

Blues Singing Lessons & Alternative Rock

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced singer, we’ll tailor the lessons to your specific needs and aspirations. 

If you want to work on Blues or alternative rock singing, Kelsey will be able to help you find your unique sound in these genres.

Singing Audition Coaching

Prepare to shine on the stage and in front of judges with our audition preparation sessions. I will work to fine-tune your song choice, presentation, and performance to maximize your chances of success. Gain the confidence and skills needed to stand out and impress in auditions for school, community theater, or professional opportunities.

Stage Confidence Coaching

Building confidence is a cornerstone of my coaching approach. I’ll work with you to overcome stage fright, self-doubt, and anxiety. We’ll focus on enhancing your self-assurance and stage presence so you can perform with conviction and captivate your audience.


Rates For Lessons In Person

$110 /Hour

$60 /30 Minutes

Beginner Songwriting Lessons & Vocal Arrangement [Online]

Unleash your creativity and learn the basics of songwriting. I will guide you through the process of crafting melodies, lyrics, and song structure. Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter or simply want to explore your creative side, our beginner songwriting lessons will help you bring your musical ideas to life.

Rates For Lessons

$65 /Hour

$38 /30 Minutes

Singing teachers in Downtown Toronto

Singing lessons in Downtown Toronto are available! Singing lessons are available both online and in person for all ages and skill levels. Our Downtown Toronto Artists also coach songwriting lessons and piano lessons.

Price range

Aprox $90 /hour

Singing teachers in Cabbagetown

Singing lessons in Cabbagetown are available! Work with active artists offering their time to teach singing lessons to all ages and skill levels as well as offering professional voice over acting lessons.

Price range

$60-120 /hour

Singing teachers in North York

Express Voice Studio can provide you with singing lessons in the North York region at a vocal coach’s studio or in your own home! Our North York region does also include the Eglinton West area.

Price range

$50-$140 /hour

Singing teachers in Midtown

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Midtown, Toronto. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique, songwriting or piano lessons.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Midtown

Vocal coaching for recording artists and singing lessons for beginners in Midtown, Toronto. Work with our professional artists on your vocal technique, songwriting or piano lessons.

Prices Vary

Aproximate $60+ /hour

Singing teachers in Liberty Village

Singing lessons in Liberty Village are available! Singing lessons are available both online and in person for all ages and skill levels in Liberty Village.

Price range

$75-$80 /hour

Who Is The Best Singing Teacher FOr You?

Contact us and we will help guide you to the best singing teacher for your needs.

Student Alumni


Alex Nicol

Jordanne was exceptional - I can't recommend her work enough to anyone seeking to improve their vocal technique and/or strength. She takes a full-body approach to singing, based on her training in Alexander Technique, which in my case meant connecting my posture to tension across my whole body. With Jordanne's guidance I was able to go from singing with tension and strain to singing with fluidity and support, all within a very short period of time. The newfound confidence I have in my voice is life-changing!
Recording Artist
Voice coach Robert Popolii


Robert is the best voice teacher I've ever had. In addition to having an amazing voice and range (helpful when I need to hear the notes back) he's incredibly supportive and fun to work with. I've improved my voice drastically and he really helped me through learning to belt and riff! Thank you Robert!!
North York voice teachers Tylor van Riper


I absolutely LOVE Tylor. I started singing last May and I was super nervous about it. Singing is extremely personal and vulnerable, and for me it’s been so hard to feel comfortable enough to go to lessons because of how insecure I am about my voice. Once I summoned the courage to finally take lessons, I have to say that Tylor really went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable and safe.
singing lessons testimonials

Laurena Mayifuila Mayowele

Jordanne is great teacher! For the first time I contact her, I am very pleased. She took the time to truly understand what I needed. And, the first time I met her she made me feel so comfortable that I felt at ease to express myself. She made me do some exercise to see what my blocage was. Then gave me a routine, which is exactly what I needed. It have been only 3 courses but I can experience the change and improvement. And not only in singing and piano. I wasn’t aware of all the tension I use to have in my body. Now that I am conscious of that, I am able to relax my body and feel a deep connection.
singing lessons testimonials

Samantha Timmons

I did my first lesson with Jordie last week. She is very patient and has a lot of knowledge on vocal training. She made me see things from a different light in just one session! Her knowledge is impeccable. I’m looking forward to working on my voice with her! I already feel improvement in just a week. Truly recommend her.
singing lessons testimonials

Julian Basurto

Throughly enjoyed my lessons with Express and Ian! Would definitely recommend. I looked for a long time for a singing teacher that I could have fun with, connect with, and grow my voice. Ian was definitely that teacher for me. The concerts were great too to be a part of.
Thank you guys!

The location of voice teaching studios can vary as each artist teacher works out of their private studio space. Many voice teachers have their own private studios, while others may offer lessons in music schools, community centers, or online through virtual platforms. Have a look at each artist’s profile to see their exact offerings, we also organized our site according to where the teacher is located so have a look at the neighbourhoods!

To prepare for your first voice lesson, bring an open mind and eagerness to learn. You may want to have a notebook for taking notes and recording exercises, wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement, and consider bringing a recording device to capture your lessons for practice at home. Be ready to discuss your musical goals and vocal experience with your teacher, as this information will help tailor the lessons to your needs.

Our music lessons are available across in the city, in East York, North York, Cabbagetown, Liberty Village, and Downtown Toronto

Each artist teaches out of their own physical space, so as our roster of artists grow, the number of teaching locations in any area of the city will grow! Call us if you are looking for East York music lessons and are unsure of what area the best teacher would be in.

Prices will range for East York Singing Classes and all Music Lessons in Toronto based on the artist. Each artist sets their own rate, so you will find a vast range of cost. In this area of the city, the artists we have on our roster range from $75/hour-$120. We also offer half hour lessons and 45 minutes lessons. Additionally, you have the freedom to come for lessons- whether it be guitar lessons for singers or specifically east york singing lessons- whenever it suits your budget and schedule.

Absolutely. Almost all of our teachers offer music lessons online. Please get in touch to verify if you are unsure whether a class could work online. Private Singing Lessons East York definitely work online! Many singers work online with their teachers around the world.

Songwriting classes would also work online, but perhaps our East York songwriting lessons would be best in person of the time to get comfortable with your teacher and allow a vulnerable place to emerge from which to write your music!

While songwriting and singing go hand in hand, singing lessons will focus on technique, style, improvisation vocally, and playing with aesthetic. Songwriting lessons will incorporate instruments, music theory, lyricism, and improvising vocally over this.

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