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Who Can Teach Me To Sing In Toronto?

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If you are like most people and notice you have some bad habits, tension, or issues with rhythm or pitch, you are not just looking for a great singer. You need to find the best vocal coach in Toronto. Finding the best vocal coach in Toronto or Toronto training programs for singers can be overwhelming. We know that and hear it all the time from our students.

We have put together this list to help you identify: What skills and experience make the best vocal coach in Toronto? If you don’t feel like reading, Call us and we can connect you with voice lessons based on your specific goals.

Voice Training With Professional Singers

Perhaps the most obvious qualification is that your vocal teacher not only sounds good, but is actively involved in the industry. You will learn from their proven ability to perform regularly without vocal fatigue. You will understand how to deliver captivating performances on stage, hit high notes, and book roles in your industry. 

Unlike conventional music schools, Express Voice Studio only hires voice teachers who are consistently booking gigs in their industry. We ensure you work with good singers that know how to “make it” as a performer.

Start Singing With Your Body

If you are new to the arts world, this may be your first time hearing about Body mapping, Alexander Technique, Linklater, or Feldenkrais training. Commonly used by actors, singers, and movement based art forms, these somatic body practices build on the connection between your brain and body.

Maybe you have heard that breathing should happen from your stomach: Breathing is actually a full body coordination that often cannot be corrected with a simple direction like, “sing from your stomach.” Having a teacher who is able to undo tensions in your body, build new coordinations essential for singing, and empower you with the skills to continue this self development work on your own is a critical qualification for a vocal coach.

We believe in the importance of this skill so much, that all of the vocal coaches at Express Voice Studio have experience in at least one somatic body movement practice. Express also offers focused lessons in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping for students requiring more intensive bodywork to improve their sound.

Vocal Lessons Tailored to You

You might think all voice teachers can show you how to practice singing, but if it were as simple as doing a few universal exercises everyday, then everyone would sound like Beyonce. When asking yourself, “how can I learn to sing better?” Try to remember that the best voice teacher for you will be able to tailor their teaching style to you.

This is the exact reason why generic Youtube video singing lessons don’t work.

A vocal coach will build unique vocal exercises for you after determining your vocal range, health of your vocal cords, identifying any tensions impacting your ability to sing a song well, and your capacity to learn musical rhythm and match tone. If you and your best friend both took voice lessons you should not be doing the same practice routine as your friend, since your body and limitations are very different from theirs!

Unfortunately, many music lessons are given by teachers who do not have the versatility as a teacher to create individualized programs for their students.

Look for a Teacher with Previous Vocal Problems

So this point probably sounds crazy. I mean, why would you want a tone deaf singing teacher? Of course we would never recommend you work with a voice teacher who is tone deaf!

Think of it this way, If your vocal coach used to have problems hitting high notes with power and now sounds like a rockstar, they must have figured out how to do it! Unlike singers who are born with abilities, those who have had to learn from scratch have added value as teachers. 

Firstly, they know what to listen for in your voice to see if you are improving. When you get better at singing, it is not a linear process. You want a teacher who knows what red flags to look for. You need a teacher and who can point out when something you are doing is moving you down the path of improvement. 

Additionally, they will be able to offer you numerous ways to improve! You will not need to rely on metaphors about sensation. These teachers can give you a concrete singing technique training program because they know exactly what to do to build a new skill in someone’s body.

Never Rush Your Music

Our last piece of advice in choosing a singing teacher in Toronto is one based on patience- a quality every great vocal coach needs. You- the student- must also practice it. Give yourself time for songs to get into your body. 

You may have all the best techniques for practical singing, but don’t underestimate the power of letting music settle into your body and soul. You’ll be surprised how much more natural you sound after a couple of weeks just from repetition and familiarity.

Record yourself singing and decide what you like aesthetically about the choices you are making.Try playing around until you have solidified the sounds you want and are happy with how you are evoking the meaning of the song.

You can’t rush this process, it just takes as long as it takes. But you’ll know it’s happened when suddenly it feels way easier to sing than it ever has before. When you feel ready, book a session at a recording studio to lay down your track.


Curious how to sing and perform when sick? 

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