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unique gifts for singers

The 7 Best Gifts For Singers in 2023 – Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

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Are you on the hunt for the best gift ideas for singers and music lovers?

We got you. Our singers at Express Voice Studio got together and chose what they felt would be the absolute best gift someone could get them. In this blog post, we’ve not only compiled the 7 best gifts for singers in 2023, but we went one step further. For each gift, we’ve let you know just what kind of a person would be best suited to it.

Whatever you’re looking for- we’ve got you covered.

We have music teachers around the city

Personalized Gifts
for Singers

There’s something magical about receiving a personalized gift that resonates with one’s passion. For singers and music lovers, custom song plaques, musical note name necklaces, and personalized soundwave art prints are often what one things of, but these gifts are not exactly practical.

Trade in the nick-nacks for gifts that serve a purpose.

Best gifts for singers

1. The Singers Journal

Such a great gift idea for singers - or to treat yourself. I was able to stay way more on track when I practiced and my singing teacher and I both worked out of the journal together, using it to check what I had worked on since I saw her last and to keep track of the repetoire and exercises I had been working on.

Why We Love It:

This is a Singing Practice Journal made by singers, for singers. Singers often feel felt lost during their  practice sessions, wondering if they’re making progress or focusing on the right things- this journal is a lifesaver.

It’s got everything you need to supercharge your singing journey – 84 practice session entries (enough for three months), a dedicated section for documenting your vocal workouts and repertoire work, and lots of room for notes. You can track your vocal range progress, practice duration, set weekly goals, and reflect on your journey.

Because the journal is structured to mirror how professional singers have worked on their voice, this journal is more like a singing workbook,  capable to be used by singers working with a teacher or on their own. 

What makes it even more inspiring is the inclusion of quotes from Canadian artists and beautiful artwork. It’s like having fellow artists cheering you on

Who It Would Be Perfect For:

Whether you’re buying a gift for a serious pro or a dedicated student, this journal will keep them on track and motivated. 

We recommend this gift for anyone over the age of 10, as it does require you to set goals and do some reflection on your vocal workouts. 

At $37.99 CAD this is one of the best gift ideas for singers as a present or stocking stuffer at Christmas if thats your thing!

2. Personalized Jewelry for Singers

Why we love it:

Let us be corny for a moment and say the melody of great gift idea can be captured in functional jewelry! Ok, sure but what is functional jewelry?

Custom made baby.

You need to check out the Canadian Jewelry company Aurum & Crystallini. This company is known for collaborating with recording artists to turn their artist persona into stunning pieces of jewelry. The functional aspect is that artists need to embody their artist persona or brand whenever they step out and especially when they are on stage.

Taking their songs or artist name and turning it into a custom piece of jewelry they can wear everyday- now that’s great branding. Every artist will swear a must have is a bust down diamond chain- but for budgets a bit smaller, this company will work 1 on 1 with you to create a piece that works inside any budget.

Who it would be perfect for:

This gift idea would be best for the musician or singer who is a performer. They have a artist persona or brand established and are working towrads a professional career.

custom jewelry for singers

Learning Oriented
Great Gifts

Online singing classes, in person singing lessons, funding towards their next music video or headshots, music theory and song writing- every musician and singer will be pumped to receive lessons or gift cards towards courses which can provide the gift of learning. Help aspiring singers improve their vocal technique, learn new songs, and gain confidence in their singing abilities.

Trade in the nick-nacks for gifts that serve a purpose.


Why we love it:

Thanks to Express Voice Studio, anyone can develop a facet of their artistry by working directly with someone from their roster of “Artists Who Teach.”

This means in addition to singing lessons and learning vocal technique, you could gift a musician time learning how to write their own songs, create beats with a producer, master self-recording and DAWs, work on their stage presence and stage choreo- and so much more.

Whereas gift cards for programs like MasterClass will give the recipient a pre-recorded session, Express Voice Studio makes the experience hands on. One on One private lessons with artists who are unique, inspiring, and making waves in the music industry.

Who it would be perfect for:

This is one of those gifts for music lovers that works for literally everyone. Lessons are expensive, so often singers and musicians will be hesitant to invest the money. Shop with intention and push your artistic friend or family member into a creative session with other musicians.


Why we love it:

Concert tickets, live show experiences, and Ticketmaster gift cards can provide unforgettable memories for your favorite singer or music lover.

You will need to do a touch of digging to find out what bands or genres of music they like, but what a fabulous present.

And more, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any music fan.

If you are not sure of what concert to go with, Ticketmaster gift cards allow them to choose their preferred concert or live show, providing them with the freedom to create their own unique and memorable experience, and the evening will undoubtably inspire them to amp-up their own creative flow.

Who it would be perfect for:

Probably anyone of drinking age mostly! But, Ages 16+ are likely best recipients unless you know a minor has someone to go with- and then you might need to grab two tickets.




Why We Love It:

We like this keyboard for singers from Roland if you have a higher budget and want something that comes not only highly recommended by musicians, but will retain its value for resale in the future. 

  • Portable, but a touch heavier.
  • Weighted keys and lush sound
  • PHA-50 Action, Found on more expensive models
  • 88 Fully weighted Keys (necessary!)
  • Bluetooth speakers

Who Is This For?

If the recipient is serious about singing/songwriting or they are young and will use it over several years.

This is a great keyboard for all levels, the sound is top notch for the price point. We don’t recommend this for ages under 10 unless the parents know the child is super passionate about piano and singing, as many kids stop playing and this is an investment piece.


Why we love it:

Gotta love Amazon with quick deliveries on keyboards that hit on price.

This foldable keyboard is a great choice if your singer recipient is new to piano and under the age of 10. Because the keys are partially weighted, they will help build finger strength in young children playing piano and since the cost isn’t very high, when the child is ready to graduate to a real piano or keyboard with weighted keys, it wont be a crushing blow that this one gets left behind.

Sheet Music For Singers

For singers specifically, purchasing them sheet music (particularly for classical or jazz singers) will be a constant reminder and motivator for them to work on new repertoire. Special moments in music can be created on inexpensive instruments like the ukelele or a second-hand piano- just give the singer a chance to explore their favorite song in a new way and write their own!

Musical Things For Singers

You might also consider gifts for singers that at first glance you maybe thought were not technically instruments. Bluetooth Marshall speakers for example are great for singers because they are portable and the singer can practice their song lyrics and melodies over beats played off Youtube.

Nomatter the age of the recipient, even more fun is a karaoke machine!

Art can be made on even a karaoke machine… okay well its usually more yelling than anything but we are all singers and I can promise you, we all LOVE karaoke.


Music Stands For Singers

Unique instrument gifts – even small ones- like rosewood guitar picks, customized guitar cases, or music stand can be such a hit- they are things singers need! Some are even quite funky!

Check out our picks for best music stands for Singers:

  1. The sturdiest Music Stand

  2. Barbie Pink Music Stand

  3. Laptop Friendly Music Stand


Vocal Health

Maintaining vocal health is paramount for a singer, seeing as their voice is their most precious instrument. Taking care of your voice, based on history, is not something singers really understand how to do until they lose their voice or start to notice discomfort. Coax them into exploring vocal health with a present they likely wouldn’t buy themselves.

6. The Best Health Remedies

Why we love it:

Throat pastilles, for example, are an excellent gift for singers, as they help keep the throat smooth and the voice clear, protecting against hoarseness. Our fav is Ricola lemon – not too sweet.

Voice care sprays also rank among the best gifts for singers, as they help take care of the voice and protect against hoarseness, making them an awesome gift for singers who frequently perform on stage or in front of a crowd. You can find these kind of gifts at any natural based food store, just ask the staff what they sugges.

But let us amp it up with gifts for musicians specifically and share a secret note: Throat Coat Tea. Talk about practical gifts, this tea has saved us a number of times. Bring a hot thermostat of it to the studio recording session to avoid dehydrating your voice. Any aspiring singer will thank you.

If you know your recipient loves tea, you can go pretty crazy here for stocking stuffers. Tea Drop’s gift box, containing eight LOOSE TEA DROPS, is another great gift for singers who enjoy tea. With 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging and cute tea shapes, this eco-friendly option among music-themed presents is perfect for discussing song lyrics with fellow singers while enjoying a soothing cup of tea.

When it comes to gifts for singers, tea is the ultimate stocking stuffer or “special occasion not so special occasion” purchase.

Who it would be perfect for:

No lie, this tea tastes amazing, it almost doesn’t make sense. The best gifts are practical and on theme so grab this bad boy for everyone form audio engineers to singers to guitar players. Its healthy and a must-have during the flu season.


7. The Best Gifts For Singers:
Go Watch Them Perform

This is the most budget friendly gift you can give to musicians.

We are all so busy, often not stopping to notice the lyrics in a song or to even think that maybe the answer is to not shop at all! Ask your friend or family member if they would put on a showcase for you, if they have an upcoming show or even a jam session with other musicians.

When someone comes to watch a musician play, it means more than anything you could possibly buy. And if you really cant make the time or your recipient lives far away, ask them questions or check in on how you could support them to be ready for their next open mic.

Who are their favorite artists? What is a must have that they haven’t purchased for themself? Is there a gadget for their guitar they would love to have?

The best gifts for singers are going to be the gift that only they know they truly want- so ask them!

Kids voice classes

Surprise your favorite singer with a thoughtful gift that will help them in their music-making journey, like a Smartphone Studio Mic,  a Humidifier, Blank notebooks, or pay for their expense to take part in a local singing competition. These are all great ideas for singer gifts.

Show your appreciation for their performance with a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed roses – red is customary, but you can choose other colors too!

Surprise a music-loving man in your life with something truly special – the notebook to work on beat production or custom vinyl lyrics print and soundwave wall art will make great gifts.

We recommend going into a music store WITH your singer. There are so many tech gadgets for singers and cool gadgets it can be overwhelming. The help of a professional in the store will be crucial so they can understand what the singers goals are and what tech will be their best choices.



The Best Gifts For Singers

What do you buy a singer in Toronto?

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